10 Things You Miss About Syracuse During The Summer
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10 Things You Miss About Syracuse During The Summer

Because I know you miss it as much as I do.

10 Things You Miss About Syracuse During The Summer

Syracuse University is the most wonderful, spectacular, and happiest place on earth (yes, it's better than Disneyland). And if you're like me, you've been counting down the days until we get to return to our beloved Syracuse campus. You've also probably had countless conversations with your friends from school (because your friends from home just don't get it) about everything you miss about Syracuse, which makes you miss it even more. And if you haven't, here's a list of things that will make you want to be back at Syracuse right this second.

1. Always having something to do and somewhere to go.

I know my summer has consisted of Netflix and sleeping in and a whole lot of nothing. Whether it's Destiny U.S.A., Downtown Syracuse/Armory Square, the Westcott Theatre, or on the university's campus, there is always something going on in Syracuse. The food selections are endless: Dinosaur BBQ, Gannon's Ice Cream, Pastabilities, Modern Malt, Stella's, and more! And if you're looking for somewhere to go at night, Syracuse has you covered with DJ's happy hour, flip night at Faegan's, signing your name on the wall at Chuck's, enjoying a Lucy's fishbowl, or riding the bull at Daisy Dukes. The options are never ending!

2. Marshall Street food.

Marshall Street is bae; it has everything you could ever want in life. From Cafe Kubal to the Unique Tea House, to Starbucks, you'll never go thirsty. Craving sushi? Bleu Monkey has some of the best sushi, in my opinion (try the Cobra Roll; you won't regret it). Want pizza? Acropolis and Varsity are right there waiting for you. Funk n' Waffles will always be a go-to spot for a Sunday brunch, Chipotle will satisfy your cravings (but make sure you have an hour to spare to wait in line), and Strong Hearts Cafe will provide you with one of the best smoothies you'll ever have. Sliders, Pita Pit, Jimmy John's, Calio's, and Insomnia Cookies will be there for your late nights studying or after a long night out. And in the dead of the winter, when you're freezing cold, yet craving frozen yogurt, Yogurtland is your place. In just a short walk, you could have all the food options you could ever want all in one place. At home? Not so much.

3. Kimmel Dining Hall.

One of Syracuse University's hidden treasures is the Kimmel Dining Hall. Because where else are you going to get an iced coffee and a slice of pizza at 3 a.m.? Kimmel's late night hours come in clutch for those all-nighters.

4. Schine Dining.

Schine is probably the busiest place on campus in between classes, but it's the best way to conveniently grab a Dunkin' iced coffee to keep you awake for your next class. And it's located right in the middle of campus! SO much better than having to drive to get a coffee at home.

5. Goldstein Alumni & Faculty Center.

If you haven't been to the restaurant in Faculty, I highly suggest you get there as soon as you return to school. Not only can you pay with your SuperCard money, but they also have really, really good food. Sorry, Ernie Dining Hall.

6. Bird Library.

Bird Library is probably the best social scene on campus. Walk through the first floor and you've already seen fifteen people you know. Try walking through the public library at home; I doubt you'll recognize a single person AND you'll get yelled at for talking.

P.S. Bird Library now has a geotag on Snapchat, which is even more of a reason to go back sooner.

7. Sunny Days at Syracuse.

What better excuse do you have to dage all day long besides warm weather in Syracuse? I'm not going to lie, I kind of miss counting how many frat boys are out on their lawns, too.

8. Otto Spotting.

Honestly, what cheers you up more than seeing the cutest mascot roaming around our campus?

9. Syracuse Basketball.

Do I really need to explain why? Game days are like Christmas at Syracuse between dressing up in orange and blue, going crazy at games, camping out, and tailgating. I miss Jim Boeheim, screaming "O" during the National Anthem, eating Dome 'chos, and chanting "WHO CARES? BIG SH*T! SO WHAT?" during the other team's line up. Is it basketball season yet?

10. A Sea of Orange.

Syracuse has one of the most spirited student bodies. For this reason, no matter where you walk on campus, you'll always spot students wearing their orange and blue. And why shouldn't you rep the best college in the world? #noshame

Don't the words Comstock, Euclid, Livingston, Ackerman, and Ostrom make you think about the countless hours you've spent wandering around those streets just a little bit? Does seeing strangers in your hometown rock Syracuse apparel make you cringe inside? Do you watch reruns of Syracuse basketball games in your free time? Don't you miss the negative temperatures and feet of snow? Okay, so maybe I don't miss that part so much either. I might be just a little 'Cuse obsessed, but I'm 100 percent okay with that because I attend the best college in the world.

Less than two months, my fellow Syracusians.

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