Ten Struggles From Being The Offspring Of Nurses

I come from medical royalty essentially. Maybe not that far, but in my head, they absolutely are without a doubt. Born in a hospital, visiting them at work in a hospital, and rarely finding myself in a hospital was basically royalty.

1. "So you're going to be a nurse/doctor/something medical, right?"

Wrong. Growing up with both parents in the medical field basically grants you an automatic right-of-passage into that lifestyle. Not just parents but factor in two aunts and an uncle and you're basically predestined for the medical field. It runs in the family, right? Until, get this okay? This goes out the window when you almost faint at the sight of a nosebleed. Yep. I was five and with that dizziness came the realization that I will not be attending any college with the intent of a medical degree.

2. Faking an illness was never an option.

Fake fever? Yeah, right. This went the other way too. If you were sick, there was no hiding it. You need to go play piano for your ninth grade choir concert? You have the flu? Well...actually this one slipped through because everyone else in the house had the flu that year too. But you get my point.

3. The skin is the largest organ in the body.

My parents frequently drilled this fact into our brains along with other anatomical information. This also included using the anatomically correct names for everything from the beginning.

4. They were basically human thermometers.

With one swipe of a hand across the forehead, my mom instantly knew what my temperature was almost down to the decimal.

5. They always found a way to discount any medical drama on TV.

Whenever we would all watch TV as a family and the heroic character saves a life by some extreme or the setting of that episode is in a hospital, my dad is the first one to jump up and say, "That's incorrect, x should have done y instead."

After watching Grey's Anatomy last semester (and yes, I mean every season in one semester of college), the thought crossed my mind about becoming a doctor. Don't worry, I came to my senses.

6. They never overreacted in medical situations.

If you faint in the kitchen, it's no big deal. Your dad slowly lowers you to the ground, your mom yells from the couch asking you if you need an icepack, and your boyfriend stares at the situation in absolute disbelief.

7. They have become extremely used to receiving texts with pictures of sprained ankles, jammed fingers, and odd rashes.

The frequency of this has only increased since starting college.

8. "Take Your Child to Work Day" was always eventful...

...especially when you're an eight year old. The cafeteria food is always the highlight of the day, too.

9. If you find yourself in a hospital, you know that it was absolutely necessary.

Hospital trips were few and far between but if you found yourself there, you know that it was for the best. You braved broken fingers and many, many GI bugs so to end up in an ER...you had to be lying on your death bed essentially.

10. You wouldn't change it for the world.

Growing up with two parents in the world of medicine was probably the best way to do it. Almost any ailment could be solved at home with RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) and if it couldn't, you could always rest assured that you were in amazing hands.

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