Ten Of The Most Powerful Marvel Characters
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Ten Of The Most Powerful Marvel Characters

A few of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.

Ten Of The Most Powerful Marvel Characters

10. Odin

The first Marvel character on our countdown is none other than Odin Borson. Odin, everyone knows is the King of Asgard. Father of our beloved Thor. Odin can manipulate magic for a variety of effects such as: strength augmentation, size augmentation, fire energy blasts, as well as other various magical enchantments. Being the monarch of Asgard, Odin can absorb all the power of every Asgardian into himself. Intensifying his already formidable powers.

9. Mikobashi

Next on our list is a being that mostly comic book fans have read about, Mikobashi. Though this character is mostly depicted as a being of great evil, and is the known enemy of Thor. He is on this list because he is an immensely powerful being. While he possessed super strength, agility, speed, and durability. He also was able to wield a great and vast supernatural power. He can use his mystical abilities to change his form, though he usually is covered in head to toe black with a mask over his face. He also employees the power of flight, teleportation, energy blasts, invisibility, and matter manipulation. Just to name a few.

8. Oblivion

Oblivion is a lesser known comic book character. Oblivion is the lord of the void and embodies non-existence and posses near omnipotent cosmic magic. When interacting with the beings inside his void he manifests a body, though he doesn't have a spatial form himself. He can absorb and create virtually any being in the universe, though he rarely intervenes himself.

7. Silver Surfer

Most have seen the Silver Surfer in the movie "The Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer." He wields the "power cosmic", which allows him to absorb and manipulate the universes ambient cosmic energy. Using the board he can navigate space, hyperspace, dimensional barriers, and has been known to time travel upon occasion. He can manipulate matter, fire energy blasts, manipulate gravity as well as phase through solid matter. He also doesn't need food, sleep, air, or water to survive, he can survive on the energy he absorbs.

6. Eternity

Eternity is the embodiment of time and is the brother of Infinity. They are of equal power. He utilizes dimension of manifestation to create a body for himself when he interacts with physical beings. When he merge with Infinity he possess the space time continuum.

5. Infinity

Infinity is the sister to Eternity, which makes them equal in power. Infinity is the physical embodiment of space. She draws her power from all things that exist in the spatial axis. Infinity has no corporeal form of her own much like Oblivion, but she does manifest her own body when interacting with physical beings. When she merges with Eternity she controls the space time continuum.

4. Death

Death is the personification of mortality and can also create a physical form for himself or herself by using the same methods as Eternity. Though Death doesn't always come and take a soul she/he does claim all souls when it is their appointed time. Death can also resurrect nearly any being in the universe. Her or His powers rival that of Eternity and Infinity.

3. Galactus

Galactus has power beyond normal measurement. He can levitate, restructure molecules, convert matter into energy and vice versa; teleport himself, others, and objects across space, dimensions, and time. He erect impenetrable force fields; restore others from any injury, even total disintegration, and much more. The way he sustains his immense power, if you watched "Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer," then you already know the answer, he devours planets. Not just any old planet. No, he needs a planet that can sustain life. Sometimes the planets he devours are left barely habitable, but for the most part he consumes everything and leave the planet a desolate wasteland.

2. Beyonder

The Beyonder, also known as Kosmos, has the ability to alter reality on a planet wide scale. Since taking on mortal form Kosmos has weakened itself and has made itself subjected to disease, ageing, injuries, and the need for nourishment.

1. Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force is an immortal, indestructible and mutable manifestation of the prime universe source that is life. In order for the force to manifest a physical form the force must tap into the limitless energy source provided by the life-force reserved for future generations. Denying them existence. Using this energy the Phoenix force can transmigrate through time and space, by folding in on itself and creating a black hole. Then reforms itself when it reaches its destination. The Phoenix Force has been the only being repeatedly defeat Galactus.

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