Ten Places In Or Around Canton That Are A Must-See
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Ten Places In Or Around Canton That Are A Must-See

What is there to do in the Hall of Fame city?

Ten Places In Or Around Canton That Are A Must-See
Peyton Sibert

Honestly, Canton is not the most exciting place. It’s not that Canton is a particularly awful town, it is just that it is, well, average. Throughout my nineteen years in Canton, I have found a few places that are within an hour drive of Canton that call for a bit of fun.

1.) McKinley Monument (Downtown Canton)

This monument is great for a quick day with the kids or for any person who wants to have a fun day at a museum. People can learn about President William McKinley and other historical facts of Canton within this museum. The monument itself holds Mr. and Mrs. McKinley and their two children. The monument has a beautiful view from the top and has actually turned into a very popular location to exercise. Although this is not the point of the monument, it is a great place to run up and down some stairs for a workout.

2.) Lynn Drive-In (Strasburg: about 30 minutes from Canton)

Drive-ins are affordable and so much fun! Lynn Drive-in is one of the oldest drive-in theaters in the nation. For only $7, a person can see two films on the big screen from the comfort of their car, lawn chair, or blanket. There are concession stands, but people can also bring their own food or drink. Regular movie theaters are becoming more expensive each year. The drive-in is a wonderful way to spend some time with friends or family and see some great new releases with the excitement of being outside. Did I mention how easy it is stargaze here?

3.) Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Brecksville: about 50 minutes from Canton)

Cuyahoga Valley National park is filled with beautiful scenery that covers 32947.2 acres of land. There are enough hiking trails in this area that it could take hours or even days to cover all of the land. There are also lodges and a plethora of caves. This is definitely a great place for nature-lovers to spend the day

4.) Sippo Lake Park (Perry Township, Canton, Ohio)

There are hiking trails surrounding Sippo Lake. People can fish in this lake or get boats to take out onto the lake. It is also a pretty place to either hike, walk around, or sit on the dock and watch the sunset. Sippo Lake Park is connected to the Perry library, which often hosts events for children throughout the summer. There are buildings right by the lake that people can host parties in, as well. It is very popular for graduation parties and birthday parties.

5.) Cleveland Museum of Art (Cleveland: about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Canton)

Alright, this is a little longer than an hour, but it is worth. This is a free art museum. (People only have to pay for parking.) This is a massive art museum consisting of several floors and various types of art. I have been to this museum multiple times and have spent hours there each time, but I still have not seen all of the art that it holds. There is even a play area for kids. I look forward to going to the museum again this summer.

6.) The Pro Football Hall of Fame (Downtown Canton)

Okay, I’ll be honest, I have never actually been to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but it is a pleasure for many people to go to. People travel long distances to visit this place. The Hall of Fame is what Canton is known for, so for all of the football fans out there: I would definitely suggest paying a visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In August, there are many Hall of Fame events that take place: parades, fireworks, cook-offs, etc. I have been in the parade a few times with my dad. People travel from out of state to come to these events, so residents of or near Canton, should definitely check some of these out.

7.) First Friday (Downtown Canton)

First Friday takes place over several blocks of downtown Canton on the first Friday of each month. The only difficult part of attending this event is being free on the first Friday of the month. There are various shops and stands that are out for entertainment. There is usually some sort of film playing in the Palace Theater. For example, there has been a Grease sing-a-long before.

8.) Cleveland Museum of Natural History (Cleveland: about 1 hours and 10 minutes from Canton)

Again, this drive is a little over an hour, but it is absolutely worth it. Natural history is my personal favorite type of museum. I actually have not yet been to this museum, but it is already on my bucket list for the summer. If you’re a fan of natural history, I absolutely recommend making the trip to Cleveland for this museum because I have heard many fantastic reviews.

9.) Dusty Armadillo (Rootstown: about 40 minutes from Canton)

If a person loves country music and line dancing, this is the place to go. This is a great place for age 18+ to line dance, listen to music, get some food, play cornhole, and just hang out with friends. Tip: On Wednesday nights, bring a college I.D. for a discounted price. If someone is concerned about how their line dancing skills will be, there are classes that people can go to earlier in the evening, so they can show off their moves later (or at least so they don't trip over their own feet trying to follow the moves).

10.) Amish Country (Wilmot: 30 minutes from Canton)

Amish country may not sound like the most exciting place to be, but it actually makes for a very fun day trip. There are adorable, little stores, and fantastic food. It’s peaceful in Amish country.I love going to Amish country for the afternoon to walk around the market or get some lunch.

Sometimes it takes traveling a bit to find things to do and places to see, and other times it is necessary to remember that even your hometown has some beautiful, exciting places.

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