In the world of Greek life, there are plenty of rules and guidelines for frat boys and sorority girls to follow strictly. I know maybe two of the real ones, but it seems that there are several unspoken rules that any outsider can see. Here are a few:

1. Thou shalt refer to any fellow sorority member only as "sister."

It doesn't matter if they were your roommate, your friend, your cousin, your professor, or even your mom; if they become part of your sorority, they are only "sister" from now on. In every single story you will ever tell, they will exclusively be sister from this point forward.

​2. Thou shalt always boost your sisters' Insta posts.

Turn on post notifications because it's in the job requirement to always make sure that no sister posts anything without a proper "YAASSSS, QUEEEEN" in the comments. Even if she's not in it, she should know that her pics of Niagara Falls are ON POINT.

3. Thou shalt stock up on Greek t-shirts and wear them frequently.

There is seemingly no event that is off limits for making a t-shirt for. Blood drive? T-shirt. Movie night? T-shirt. President got her wisdom teeth out? T-shirt. Wear those boys everywhere.

​4. Remember bid day and keep it sparkly.

Bid day seems to be a holiday like no other. Bathe yourself in body glitter and welcome the new sisters. This is a day that is not to be reckoned with.

5. Thou shalt not be seen without a sister.

You now have 20+ best friends to choose from. Do NOT go anywhere without one of them. Whether you're just going to get your mail or you're headed to a concert, make sure that you have a sister with you at all times.

6. Thou shalt not be seen without Greek letters.

Usually, this is displayed on a tote bag that should be carried at all times. If you're one of the four sorority girls in existence without a Greek letter tote bag, display your letters on a t-shirt with a pocket that features your Greek letters instead. A laptop sticker may also suffice in a pinch.

7. Thou shalt never refer to another Greek organization by its full name.

This is a language all its own that I assume must come in a Greek life handbook. It is not "Tau Kappa Epsilon" it is "TKE" but pronounced "Teke." It's not "Sigma Phi Epsilon," it's "Sig Ep" and you'll look like a fool if you should choose to talk about the Sigma Phi Epsilon party you're going to later.

​8. Thou shalt have a discussion with each sister about your "side" for pictures and plan accordingly for all group shots.

If this means all getting in a line and looking to the side to accommodate same-sided sisters, so it shall be. There is not a pose in existence that cannot accommodate the respective side of each sister.

​9. Thou shalt not dislike thy big or littles.

I don't know how it's possible that every single sorority sister should be able to be matched with someone that inevitably becomes their best friend, but this is the way of the world. I have yet to see a little that doesn't like their big or vice versa. I am interested to see if such a pair exists in the real world.

10. Thou shalt always throw up your letters in photos.

No matter where you go, make sure the world knows what you're representing. Whether it be on vacation or just a concert or festival, throw up those Greek signs, sister. Be proud of the organization you're representing.