10 Bible Verses Every Woman Of Faith Should Know

10 Bible Verses Every Woman Of Faith Should Know

I am a strong believer that we were put on this earth to serve God and to spread his word.

I have always known there is a God, but I didn’t really understand what it meant to be a Christian until my senior year of high school. My family went to church, but I always just kind of sat there because I had too, one day I was lying in bed reading an article about God I found on Pinterest and it hit me like a truck, tears were falling and my nose was running.

I realized then that I wanted to know more about MY God and how to live a Christian life. I did all this research and kept journals about the things I’ve read. After spending a lot of time forming my own beliefs about God I realized I was so lost before and now that I have found God I will never stray away. On this list below are ten Bible verses that helped me grow closer to God and I hope it does the same for you.

1.“God is within her she will not fail” Psalm 46:5

This Bible verse really stuck out to me when I was first learning about God. It took me a while to understand but then it finally hit me, if I trust in the lord with all my heart he will lead me to be successful and that isn’t just true for just me but for anyone who puts their faith in God.

2.“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you” Isaiah 43:2

We have all been in some situations where you’ve struggled so much you feel like this is end of the road for you because you feel like a failure, I know I have felt like that multiple times but I have to stop and take a step back and then I realize God is right here fighting this battle with me, I am not alone, you are not alone.

3.“So, do not fear, for I am with you; do not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

Do not be afraid because God is with you, don’t be discouraged because you have a righteous God, God will strengthen you and he will help you find your way. God is so powerful he will lift you with his victorious hands.

4.“She is far more precious than jewels” Proverbs 31:10

I love this Bible verse because it shows you how valuable you are to God. It took me a long time to understand this bible verse because for a while I didn’t think of myself this highly but when I found out that God thinks of me with so much grace my thought process changed completely not only did I better myself, I started to understand how beautiful I was.

5. “Use your God given gifts to serve others” 1 Peter 4:10

were all born with these amazing gifts, some of us might have not found our gifts yet or maybe we have we have just realized it yet, but God gave us these gifts to serve others with and that is so amazing. He has given us the power to help others.

6.“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul” Proverbs 27:9

Having someone you can talk to, laugh with, cry with is so important in life. I don’t think I would have made it this far in life without my sweet friends encouraging me and pushing me to be better. Having healthy friendships is so good for you heart, mind and soul.

7.“Be still and know that I am your God” Psalm 46:10

This is my favorite Bible verse I have ever come across. This means so much to me, that I got it tattooed on my wrist. (sorry mom) it has a lot of meaning to me because I would always be so stressed out with my life and how it was going. I always use to think to myself “why would God put me in this situation” but it is because he knows I can handle it. This bible verse is saying be patient, trust in God and let him take control. Once you let God have control of your life you will never go down the wrong path.

8.“He heals the wounds of every Shattered heart” Psalm 147:3

Going through certain circumstances can be so disheartening and sometimes your heart is broken into a thousand pieces and you think you’re never going to be normal again. That’s not the case at all. God is so powerful he can even heal your heart. You have to put your trust in the lord and he will heal all the brokenness.

9.“Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth” 1 John 3:18

You can tell someone you love them all day long until you are blue in the face, but if you don’t show them, then it really has no meaning. Love with purpose, Love each other so deep. Doing simple things for your loved ones, significant other, and even your friends. Love your neighbor like God loves us.

10.“Faith can move mountains” Matthew 17:20

I am a strong believer that we were put on this earth to serve God and to spread his word. Introducing people to his faith is so beautiful. Imagine all the good we can do in this world if people live like Jesus did. Your faith is so powerful and spreading that faith can make a huge difference in our community. the power of our God is so powerful and getting to experience his grace is something I will never take for granted. If your beliefs are strong enough you can accomplish anything and that is what is so amazing about faith. You can do anything with the power of faith in the Lord.

Cover Image Credit: Lilly Cunningham

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Science vs. Religion: Which Do You Believe?

As a believer of both science and religion, I ask you: is it possible to possible to believe in both?

I think I came to a realization in second grade. Monday through Friday I would go to school and on Sundays, I would attend church. Math and English made sense. Social Studies (a.k.a History) was a bit boring, but even that made sense. Science...well...science was a different story. It's not that science didn't make sense. Heck, it probably made the most sense. The problem was, I didn't want science to make sense because then that would contradict all that I was taught in church. For someone who hasn't even reached double digits yet, you can see how'd that be confusing. Do I believe in school? Do I believe in church? Could I....believe in both?

Scientists have many theories as to how the world came into existence, the most famous of these being the Big Bang Theory. They have even gone so far as to tell me that my origins lie within an ape. I am well aware that these theories have scientific proof standing in their corner, but I'd be lying if I said I understood the complicated science behind it. It is then that I have no choice but to question it. How do I know that the science taught to me is reliable? I myself have not done the research, so it'd be impossible for me to confirm the work of scientists with full confidence - unless I test the theories myself. Therefore, one could say that we blindly follow the word of scientists - just as we would blindly follow a religious leader - without any question simply because science offers what religion cannot: proof.

It is in this case, however, that religion can counter and declare holy books as its proof. The Bible offers an explanation for Earth's creation that renders completely opposite of science. As the famous line goes, "God said, 'Let there be light'; and there was light" (Genesis 1:3). A significant moment in the Bible, this line marks the beginning of Earth at the hands God who is said to have created all that is living and all that is life. If this were true, then Darwin's Theory of Evolution (The Ape Theory) would be false seeing as how the first humans, Adam and Eve, were said to have been created by God. Now, there are, of course, other religious books besides the Bible, but the one thing that they all share is the belief of a superior being responsible for the birth of life. The issue with declaring a holy, or religious, book as proof is that the evidence is not concrete. Logically, a superior being (a.k.a God) would explain all that is unexplainable, but, in actuality, there has been no, and possibly can never be, any physical proof of God's existence.

Believing in both science and religion, I often find myself in the predicament of questioning my reality and my faith. To me, both exist on two very opposite and two very real planes. While science offers concrete and sensible evidence, religion offers an explanation for all despite its dependability on faith alone. Then again, perhaps science and religion do exist harmoniously together, but our minds are not yet capable of conceiving of such a possibility. Human beings are constantly searching for a way to validate the world around us, when maybe we should just be accepting of the fact that life itself is too big and refuses to be validated by us.

Cover Image Credit: Reasonable Faith with William Lane Craig

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Be Thankful For All Seasons Of Your Life

The good news about seasons is that they come and go.

When I was younger I never really thought about "seasons" other than the weather. I never really understood what people meant when they told me that what I was walking through was just a season. As I have gotten to college, I have learned how to embrace the different seasons of my life. The good news about seasons is that they come and go. We aren't ever going to be forever stuck in one season. Thank God! Each season has a lesson that we can learn from about life. These lessons ultimately help us grow as humans, and also can help us grow closer to God.

Sometimes it is hard to look back and be thankful for the struggles I have faced. I have faced many seasons of happiness, growth, and some of deep pain. But there is always something that I have learned from each season of my life. During seasons of happiness, I have learned the importance of enjoying life, and living life to the fullest. It is important to appreciate each day and moment we get in life because our days on the earth are numbered. During seasons of growth, I have learned the importance of trusting God, and His plan for my life. Growth is a wonderful thing, and it is something that we benefit from.

When trouble strikes our lives it's hard to keep our eyes pointed towards God. I know that when I go through seasons of deep pain, I don't always trust God. It is a time where I begin to be consumed by fear and stress. Fear is something that I have been consumed by lately. As I currently walk through a season of darkness in my life, I have started to begin to see the importance of giving up my fears and anxiety and giving them to God. God is not afraid of our pain, and He is always there to give us peace if we are open to Him.

One of the things I have learned while walking through this harder season is the importance of community. Community is something that has become very prevalent in my life in college. My heart is so thankful to God for giving me the community of people that He has. In college, I have met some of the greatest people, and without them, it would be so hard to get through these seasons. Being able to walk through these seasons of life with my roommate, my small group leader, and other friends by my side are all things I am so thankful for. We are called by God to live in community with each other. The Lord has placed so many girls in my life that have challenged me in my faith, and have helped me grow so much.

We need to learn how to embrace the seasons that God allows us to walk through. Although they are not always easy, He has a purpose for all things in our lives, good and bad.

"Every season is one of becoming, but not always one of blooming. Be gracious with your ever-evolving self." -B. OAKMAN
Cover Image Credit: Taylor Markee

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