I Do Not Want To Pay $50,000 A Year To Watch TedTalks.

I Do Not Want To Pay $50,000 A Year To Watch TedTalks.

I want to be educated, not watch a program.


It was not until recently that I began to hate TedTalks. Do not get me wrong, they are enlightening and educational. There was that time when I would come into class and go "Yes! We are watching a movie!" or "Yes! We are watching a TedTalk!" because it involved me not putting effort into class. But now I realized how I want to spend my tuition money. Yes, TedTalks are good teaching methods. But they should be assigned as homework or outside materials if need-be to get the ideas across. I am now going into my junior year and understanding the down and dirty of finances and education. When I was a freshman, I didn't have any idea. I take out loans each year to work toward getting a degree that I will need in order to get a job after college. However, I need skills to apply to that job, and TedTalks are not going to cut it. The best education I have gotten are from classes that are pure lecture. No movies, program, etc. How am I supposed to go into the real world if a portion of my knowledge is based on programs that are "ideas" but not concepts rooted toward my career goals and passions. Personally, I believe that TedTalks are cop-outs in an educational standpoint. All I am asking for is to get the skill sets and knowledge that I need that will prepare me for the job and career that I want after I leave college and go out in the real world. Isn't that what college is supposed to prepare you for? I'm not saying that TedTalks are not educational; all I'm saying is that it is not what I am putting my tuition money towards, and what I am paying professors to teach me. If your'e a professor, don't you want to leave a legacy that you gave your students the best skills and knowledge you could? Not that someone else did it for you? Last I checked, my tuition wasn't paying the TedTalk speaker, it was paying the institution and the professors who are working to educate myself and my peers. So where let me ask you this: where is your $50,000 going?

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