7 Reasons Tea Is Better Than Coffee

I've always wished I could be a coffee drinker simply because of the caffeine aspects and the convenience.

I was raised on drinking hot tea with sugar and milk and that's something I do not see very often. I'm often questioned about it when others see me drinking it. I'm also a sweet tea lover.

After being an avid tea drinker since I was a child, I did some research to see the real reasons that tea is better than coffee.

Here's what I found.

1. Tea Parties, duh.

2. Tea is way easier to make. 

3. The variety of teas is insane. 

4. The antioxidants in tea fights inflammation. 

6. Coffee is BITTER.

7. Teas, like green tea, has the ability to speed up metabolism and boost fat loss. 

And that's why tea is better than coffee.

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