Taylor Swift Songs For Any Mood
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Taylor Swift Songs For Any Mood

When in doubt, Taylor it out.

Taylor Swift Songs For Any Mood
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In all times in life, there is someone you can turn to. Whether you are happy, sad, or anything in between -- you have those people who get you. It can be a best friend, a parent, relative, coach, and etc. Sometimes "your person," isn't technically a person you know on a personal level.

Taylor Swift is my person and her songs are perfect for any mood.


"Our Song"

Obviously, almost every girl knows this song. It's basically the Taylor Swift of all Taylor Swift songs. You used to sing this song at the top of your lungs while your mom would drive you and your friends around. Now, years later, you're playing your throwback jams with just you and your friends driving around -- minus your mom. This song gives hope that maybe some day, some where, nice guys exist.


This song is great for getting ready to go out with your girls. You sing this song into your straightener "microphone," while your gal pal is doing her eyeliner -- singing and trying not to smudge. Everything about this song puts you in a good mood. This song describes our college lives perfectly -- "happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time." Those are definitely felt on a daily basis. And yes, we are all waiting for the day when we can sing this song on our 22nd birthday while posting a selfie captioned "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22."


"Shake it off"

Just like it says, "the haters gonna hate, hate, hate" -- but you're just going to "shake it off" because you're awesome and do what you want to do when you want to do it. This song inspires us to be ourselves. We are never going to please everyone and we shouldn't have to. So listen to this song and remember that if you have haters, you must be doing something right.


We all have people who try to bring us down and the people who are " better" than us. Guess what? We don't need those people. They are the people that thought they ran the high school life. Well, maybe they did, but after high school life comes college and after college is real life. These "mean" people are the ones that are still stuck in high school, and you realize now that they are the "uncool" ones.

This song is used to sub-tweet the haters, in all times of life.


"All too well"

For the Swifties that cried when Taylor played her piano and belted her heart out at the Grammy Awards -- this is for you. Most people have that person that is hard to let go of. Even when you think those people are long gone from your life, the smallest thing can instantly reminds you them -- or when you think they are long gone and they try to hit you up again. It sucks, it really does. This song is the reminder of what once was and what will probably never happen again. It is a perfect song that you listen to on a night drive alone or when you need to shed a tear or two.


"We are never ever getting back together"

This is it, the Taylor Swift song that is sung louder than all the others combined. There is not a song that is written more perfect than this one. Whenever this song comes on, most likely you have someone in mind because guys suck. This song is for the all the sucky guys out there. The ones that play with girls hearts like it's nothing. They break your heart then try to come back to you. Even after all the not so wonderful things they said, girls let them back. But not this time -- we scream it in the car, in shower, and tweet it. We sing this song so much that point is obviously going to get across.

However girls, some of us are guilty of this. We sing this song, even if we don't actually mean it. We sing it so that boy will get mad, and have a reason to talk to us again.

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