Criticisms of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has received negativity throughout her whole career. The biggest criticism she has received was that she dated a lot of men and wrote songs about them. She was always made out to be some attention-seeking b*tch.

Meanwhile, male artists were NEVER questioned for how many relationships or hookups they had. The degrading of women in their songs were never questioned and their character was never attacked.

Don't get me wrong, I also wondered why she had so many relationships and whether or not her writing about the men she dated was wrong. A few years into high school, I realized that I was her, and so were most girls.

Whenever something went wrong with a guy, even if we had only had a thing for a week or two, I hurt. I used writing as my outlet for my emotions so I began to write about them. Poems, lyrics, quotes, stories, whatever. I just had to write.

Taylor's job was to write. She was paid millions to write. What better thing to write about than one's own experiences? Not only did writing those songs get her through the tough parts of her dating life, but she also provided the perfect lyrics for anyone going through the same feelings.

I don't think there's a single girl who didn't belt out "You Belong With Me" after she found out her crush liked a girl who was cheer captain, while she was stuck on the bleachers.

Her lyrics, her songs, they helped people.

Taylor's first album came out when she was a young teenager. From then on, as her popularity grew, she was constantly in the spotlight.

Finding love is hard. Taylor never let her heartbreaks stop her from trying to find it. If you've tried dating, you know that sometimes it ends within a week. Luckily for you, you can have a "thing" with someone without many people knowing.

Every fling or relationship that Taylor had was out there for the whole world to see. Think about how you would feel if every fling was seen and monitored by the whole world. I know for a fact that I wouldn't want all my relationship-attempts public for the whole world to see.

In addition to flings, every single move and word by Taylor was scrutinized by the media and society. Think about all of the bad decisions you've made, are you any better than her? Not really.

Every single celebrity has his or her own struggles and mistakes, but only a few are attacked for them. Do you know which celebrities get attacked? The ones who live their lives without caring what that looks like to others. That's what Taylor did. While all of her moves were being criticized, she kept doing what she does best. She created her songs, went on tour, and made millions.

So instead of criticizing her for dealing with her heartbreak in a healthy way and living her life how she wants to, try focusing on yourself, and learning how to be more comfortable with stepping outside of society's standards.

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