We've seen country Taylor, semi-mature-future-dreaming Taylor, pop Taylor and snake-Taylor, and just when we thought there were no more levels of her to uncover, Taylor Swift blesses us with a transcended self-loving Taylor that the world never knew it needed.

Public opinion on Taylor Swift is extremely polarized. People either absolutely adore her and would die for her, or they find her cringy to the max. And that's reasonable. Some people don't like poppy or naive songs about love, and others don't approve of her transition from country to pop. But regardless of all these perspectives before, we can't ignore the fact that "ME!" is extravagant, fun, and colorful in the most wholesome way possible.

No matter how much hate Taylor Swift gets, her songwriting skill is a force to be reckoned with and her personality never fails to shine through her videos. In this particular one, Swift and Brendon Urie manage to sing about themselves without sounding narcissistic, sad, or boastful. Gone are the days of a perfect innocent girl or an evil snakey manipulator. Instead, we're presented with a human being who's wonderful in his and her own way, with their own flaws and struggles included. This is a song about a relationship between two flawed people in the most positive way possible, and at the same time, it's completely applicable to anyone in the world, relationship or not.

This is the anthem that every angsty, insecure teenager and honestly everyone having an off day needed to hear - you're not perfect, you'll get angry, you'll get into fights with people, and you have flaws that are different from everyone else. But all of these things are what makes you YOU, so be proud and show the world who you are in all your rainbows, colors, and quirks. And she's right, there'll never be someone else like you.