Taylor Swift can do it all. She rocked everything phase: Nashville down-to-earth country girl; catchy pop queen; and collaborator alongside the biggest names in the music industry. I'd like to say that I've always been a "swiftie" because I didn't care much for the drama, media backlash, or general mockery towards her music. I simply always loved Taylor Swift. Umm, Red Lipstick? No one can wear it better.

I would give anything to be able to rock red lipstick like Taylor Swift does. Her stunning blue eyes and golden blonde locks are the iconic TS look. I remember seeing girls dress as her for Halloween. Talk about fashionista and gorgeousness. Have you ever noticed that her music speaks to every girl out there? From calling out the haters to mending a broken heart, Taylor Swift can belt out the tunes to heal any heart, lift any spirit, break anyone into dance, and even get that catchy tune stuck in your head for DAYS. My favorite songs are Blank Space, Red, New Romantics, Shake It Off, and Story of Us.

I think 1989 and Red were her best albums. Her personality reflects her fearlessness, unwavering determination, and dedication to her craft, and even her humble country roots. Before making it big onto the pop music scene, her start in long curly blonde locks, strumming a guitar in Nashville was her platform to becoming a star.

I hope it doesn't sound cliche, but I grew up alongside Taylor Swift. I can recall being around 9 or 10 years old listening to You Belong With Me and as I progressed through my teenage years, I was running around my house singing her songs and I'm pretty sure I've annoyed my siblings a couple of times, haha. It does seem corny, but her music was comforting to me during such a tumultuous, hellish time growing up. I'd like to think that the teenage years can be rough for anyone, simply because you're learning to navigate new advents and gripping the terms that accompany adolescence and eventual adulthood.

Nevertheless, I admire Taylor Swift so much for her tenacity in being put down for not "being loyal" to country music or even being spat for deriving inspiration from the numerous heartbreaks she's experienced. I remember thinking that as long as Taylor Swift is making music, I'll never give up. On the days where I didn't want to talk to anyone or didn't have the words to say, I'd just play my favorite Taylor Swift songs and know that's it'd all be ok. In the words of the Queen herself, "People haven't always been there for me but music always has" - Taylor Swift