People With Tattoos Are Better Than Anti-Tattoo-People, Here's Why

People With Tattoos Are Better Than Anti-Tattoo-People, Here's Why

I don't make the rules, it's pretty much science (or only something a tattooed person would understand).

Macey Mullins

A tattoo article can go one of two ways. The article can either be written by a tattoo-shaming-know-it-all, or it can be written by someone that has tattoos.

Society puts people with tattoos in a few different groups. They're either unstable, unemployed, or drug abusers (among many other things.) I've even heard anti-tattoo-people say that the only reason people would get tattoos, is because they are insecure about their "natural body."

Reality check, people!

For starters, tattoos are a form of art. Art makes you think and it forces you to open your mind. It sparks curiosity and conversation. Art is something that will be present forever until destroyed. Unspoken creativity inevitably says things that words cannot.

Tattoos cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. People with tattoos are literally paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to put permanent art on their bodies.

People with body art endure the pain caused by the tattoo gun, just so they can enjoy the finished piece. People sit in chairs for hours upon hours. They experience different levels of pain for a magnificent piece of art made especially for them, in honor of something they like or care about.

The commitment; the dedication that comes along with getting a tattoo and having it forever. Tattooed individuals hold the utmost amount of loyalty and attentiveness. How could you become more devoted to something?

Tattoos do not prevent someone from being successful. Some of the most successful people that I know are covered in tattoos. Having a tattoo isn't a disability, it just means you see things in ways that other people are not able to open your mind to.

If you are a tattooed person, you are the beginning of a new millennium. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. There is something to be said about you, in a greater way than you can imagine.

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