Attention, Target lovers! This article is most definitely for you! If you absolutely love going to Target, like me, please keep reading because you'll read something so relatable. It'll knock your socks off.

Target is heaven on Earth. To be fair, it's a store that has literally everything in it. Food, clothes, tools, cosmetics, shoes, electronics, and more! I could spend a whole day in this place.

Target is addicting. It's a proven fact. You can go to Target once and fall in love. I don't think I have ever heard anyone say they hate it. Most people become hooked quickly, and then they are succumbed to be an addict of Target.

This is what happens when you're a Target addict.

1. You last in Target for over an hour.

When you are a Target addict, you typically spend more than one hour in there. You look at every item, wishing you could buy it all. You spend most of your time in the clothing section, but the food section is always good, too.

2. The item prices don't make you think twice about it.

I'm going to be honest here, Target can be expensive when it wants to, but addicts don't care. That fact goes right over their heads.

3. Your bank account suffers.

This is rather a con of being a Target addict. Your money disappears so quickly. It's all spent on the dollar section and Starbucks, but then again, every addict is different. Target is a money trap, easily manipulative, so be careful.

4. You go in with a list and come out with more than what you really wanted.

Again, the money trap. Target is magically known for surprising you with bankruptcy. Cue the red colors and attractiveness that leads you to buy literally everything, even if it has no meaning to you. Hashtag marketing. Addicts attempt to make a list and be responsible, but they come home with more. It happens every time.

5. Must. Always. Get. Starbucks.

True Target addicts usually buy Starbucks for their magical traveling journey through the store. It wouldn't be a Target field trip without the coffee or the iced tea.

6. All of a sudden, you need unnecessary things.

Some addicts just buy things because their brains tell them to. It's in Target, that's why. The Target gods are also manipulative. Never used a hair dryer? Must buy one. Your hair can't get curly? Buy a curler anyway. It's sold at Target.

7. You ALWAYS grab a cart.

Even if there is only item on an addict's list, they grab a cart. They know damn well that they are not leaving empty-handed.

8. Everything just looks better in Target.

For some reason, shampoo looks better in Target, even though it is sold everywhere else. There's just something about Shoprite not giving me that vibe about Dove shampoo. Guess I got to buy it at Target.

9. You go to Target on pay day.

This makes sense. You feel better with yourself. After Target literally drowned you last week, this week you're barely swimming to shore. That's okay, you'll drown again after this next trip.

10. Your "treat yo self" option is Target.

When someone tells a Target addict to "treat yo self", they go straight to the red store.

11. You go to Target for therapy.

As a Target addict, I have been there to get my worries out and to relieve my stress. Sometimes, I leave with stuff I didn't need, and then sometimes I walk out alone. It's so tough.

12. It's hard leaving Target empty-handed.

I'm sure addicts have done this before. I know I have. I admit that I have been to Target just to look around, and I have successfully walked out with nothing but my purse. It just doesn't feel right.

13. Nothing will break your bond with Target.

Target addicts are set for life. We love our favorite place.

I know y'all can relate!