My Experience With The Tara Crosley Slim Fit Guide
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My Experience With The Tara Crosley Slim Fit Guide

Strong, but not bulky.

My Experience With The Tara Crosley Slim Fit Guide
@tcrosleyfit | Instagram

Tara Crosley is the queen of leg day.

You may know this ex-gymnast turned fitness junkie from her fitness Instagram at @tcrosleyfit where she posts many short workout videos and tips and tricks on how to be healthy inside and out. Tara has her own fitness plan called the 8 Week Slim Fit Guide which you can buy for $25 and you'll also get the AFLETE app which shows you all the workouts and will track your progress. The Slim Fit Guide is designed to give you a strong feminine physique so you won't get bulky.

At the beginning of the year, my friend and I decided we wanted to try this workout plan. We needed some gym motivation and thought having a set workout 5 times a week would just be easier, especially with how busy we are as college students.

The Slim Fit Guide is no joke, the workouts are tough.

The workouts are about an hour to an hour and a half long and usually include 5 sets of 5 reps, which don't seem like a lot but after a while, you'll be sore. The worst is the leg days which usually include lunges, some form of squats, and lots of hamstring work to help build that booty. The first hamstring day was probably the worst and I was sore for days. I liked how most of the cardio was HIIT with sprints and stair stepper to burn fat fast and build strong legs.

Through the soreness and struggle, I could definitely feel myself getting stronger and having a better fitness level. After a few weeks, I looked forward to doing the workouts and the euphoric feeling that would come once I completed the workout. This week is our final week of the workout plan and we both feel much better about our fitness level. So if you need some motivation and want to get strong without getting bulky, try this workout guide to jumpstart your fitness!

Check out her: Insta , website & YouTube

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