With the end of February approaching this also means that Black History Month is coming to an end as well. I’ve been debating on whether or not to talk about this topic but what better way than doing it on the internet!

I’m going to be completely honest, I am not as “woke” as I would like to be as a black woman but this time I can’t help but notice that lack of acknowledgement that it is in fact Black History Month. I used to have friends post inspirational pictures and stories of affluent black celebrities but what happened to those post? I guess you can only be so internet woke as possible.

Public service announcement: Just because you went to see Black Panther this February doesn’t count for me. It’s still a Marvel produced movie that got the profits they sought. Disagree with me if you like but think about it.

When I enrolled in private school in 6th grade, I believe the absence of educating students on Black History Month started then. The talk of race makes us so uncomfortable yet it is something that our system is based upon. You can’t be afraid to talk about race when our country is so race sensitive. Take the H&M advertisement “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” sweatshirt. H&M offers its products to many countries; Korea, United Kingdom, Sweden. But do you wanna know who was so hurt by the advertisement? America. Why? Because of our past and present acknowledgement of racism.

Black History Month is 28 days dedicated to centuries of cultural history. After that its March and the Shamrock shakes returns to McDonald’s. ( Not even going to lie to you. It’s my birthday Month and getting a Shamrock shake is a birthday gift to myself).

If you made it to the end of this article you are probably wondering What’s the point? She’s not even concluding this article. I agree. I just wanted to post something to let people know that it is/was Black History Month. Black History Month is more than just these movies and advertisements. It’s the representative aspect for the younger generations that serve the importance of the month as well. This is relevant for not just black people. There’s Cinco De Mayo, Lunar New Year, and Diwali prevalent and just as significant in other cultures. Black History Month is not just an ordinary month.

If you are interested, here is list of influential black people past and present: