The ‘talking' stage. You aren't official, but you're also REALLY into each other and the idea of them being with someone else doesn't make you ecstatic. This is probably one of the weirdest things about our generation, but unique. It seems like it is so common to hear a girl go "oh we're just talking right now," but why does it always get such a bad rap?

In numerous cases, I have seen this stage seen negatively because you're not ‘his girlfriend' and don't know whether you're allowed to post about the other person. It seems like society's view of ‘talking' is so negative because there is no label, but is not having a label really as bad as everyone makes it out to be?

Listed below are 10 reasons why the ‘talking' stage should be considered as an exciting time, rather than a negative one.

1. Butterflies

Butterflies are so exciting. You find the other person extremely attractive, and it seems like everything they say brings a sense of giggles and blushes. His name pops up on your phone and you're instantly smiling like an idiot.

2. Interest

This relationship is new, and you're insanely interested in getting to know the person and them you. Finding out things about a person is so fascinating because you start to find out similar likes and dislikes, and there are so many questions you have for the other person that it seems like you two could talk for hours and not get bored.

3. Mystery

There is something so attractive about not knowing everything about a person. It leaves you wanting more and fascinated about what is to come in future conversations. Also, when you know EVERYTHING about a person, it can at times become boring. This is the fun part!

4. Nerves

Weird thing to appreciate, but should be appreciated. Being nervous about a person is kind of a great feeling. You want them to like you as much as you like them, and you can't help but be nervous but extremely excited. It also is a great way to tell if you actually like the person.

5. Looking cute

I love the talking stage because I always want to look cute whenever I see the other person, whether that be planned or unplanned. It gives me the extra push to pick out a cute outfit for class or to make sure I throw some lip gloss on just in case I run into him around campus.

6. Confidence booster

Talking to someone really makes you feel good about yourself. It seems like they are constantly complimenting you, and making you feel good about yourself. They see the good side of you and only want more.

7. Someone to talk to

If you're talking to someone, it's likely you guys are texting a lot. It's nice having someone to talk to throughout the day, or receiving a good morning text.

8. Carefree

Relationships can be EXTREMELY stressful. This stage is fun because it's carefree. You're just getting to know a person, and having fun with it. No pressure.

9. Telling your friends

Talking to someone is super fun because you get to talk to your close girlfriends about him! The Cute text he sent you? Screenshot! Your girlfriends are also pretty excited that you're putting yourself out there, and this conversation could last for hours.

10. Potential

The overall best part of the talking stage is the potential it has to be something so much more. It’s new right now, but there is the chance that it may become something great in the future and that’s exciting.