Let's Talk About The Seahawks
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Let's Talk About The Seahawks

Highlights and lowlights of the Vikings v Seahawks game.

Let's Talk About The Seahawks

Let's talk about the Seahawks.

This morning was the wild-card game for the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings. To say it was interesting would be an understatement. In the matter of one football game, I went from excited to frustrated to hopeful to giving up, and finally utterly shocked and ecstatic. No one ever said this game was going to be easy, but it was in no way a great game for the Seahawks.

First things first: it was freezing. People said cold is cold, but below zero is a lot different than thirty degrees. This became apparent during the first half when the ball was poorly snapped to punter Jon Ryan multiple times. The first of which resulted in a fumbled punt and run to put the Vikings at our forty yard line, which they converted into a field goal. This field goal was the only score on the board for all of the first half.

After a rough first half, the Seahawks came back focused on converting third downs. After two stressful downs that ended with the Seahawks on their third and 10, Wilson had to search to keep this play moving. Luckily for him, the Seahawks top receiver was there to finish it off. Wilson threw the ball to WR Doug Baldwin, who was being covered by LB Captain Mannerly, but he rose to the occasion, literally jumping in the air to come down with the ball one-handed to convert on third down. Unfortunately, this conversion didn't help much, because Russell Wilson was then intercepted by Trae Waynes.

After Baldwin's catch, Wilson attempted to throw the ball to Chase Coffman, but it was picked off by Trae Waynes. This play led the Vikings to their second field goal, increasing their lead to 6-0, but the Seahawks were not giving up.

In one of the oddest plays I have ever seen, a missed snap ended up leading to a first-down completion by Tyler Lockett. The ball was snapped before Russell Wilson was ready and flew over his shoulders. Russell ran back to recover the ball and the Minnesota defense followed after him. Tyler Lockett was very smart and ran back beyond the first down line, and was wide open when Wilson did manage to recover the ball. Lockett ran the ball to the four-yard line. On the next play, the dynamic duo scored with Russell Wilson passing to Doug Baldwin in the end zone, thus putting the Seahawks on the scoreboard with seven points to Minnesota's nine.

Now, Adrian Peterson was a key part in Minnesota's offense. He was most of their offense. He didn't always get very far but he often got somewhere. After a successful first-down passing to Peterson, the Vikings decided to try it again. Unfortunately, Earl Thomas was able to force Peterson to fumble the ball and Athya Rubin recovered it. This recovery was then converted into a lead changing field goal that put the Seahawks ahead 10-9.

Finally, one of the most shocking and, for Vikings fans, devastating game endings in football. After a pass interference call and interception attempt by Kam Chancellor, the Vikings found themselves inside the Seahawks 20-yard line on fourth down. With 26 seconds left, they decided to attempt a field goal, and in an incredible turn of events, the kicker missed far left, giving the Seahawks the win.

This wildcard game will definitely be talked about for a long time. It was truly a battle and by some twist of fate, that last kick was missed and the Seahawks move on. As a Seahawks fan myself, I'm ecstatic that we get to move on, and to any Vikings fans, that was a valiant effort, so be proud of how your team played that game.

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