A Tale of Being Single During the Holidays, as told by The Grinch.
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A Tale of Being Single During the Holidays, as told by The Grinch.

How The Grinch stole all of the good people to be in relationships with.

A Tale of Being Single During the Holidays, as told by The Grinch.

'Twas the night before Christmas and NYE, I went to the party house

No one was single, not even a mouse

Mistletoes hung, midnight was the only care

I had gone to the party, in hopes I wouldn't be the only single one there.

As I arrive at the door, what do I see?

Three bottles of wine, oh just for me

I sat on the couch, with wines one, two, and three

I see a cute guy, I should ask him when he's free

Let us see if this will work out, I promise I have hope.

I've been single for too long, I have even figured out how to cope.

Being single during the holidays can cause irritability to some, sadness for others, and alcohol induced nights for all. The most common comparison us singles receive during the holidays- is that we all resemble The Grinch. You're starting to see it now, right?

'Twas the night of New Years Eve, Christmas has come and gone.

Going out started to feel like a yawn.

You are alone anyways, so why eat a healthy meal?

You start to think, that your love life and the universe have some kind of deal.

It is getting late, to the party invite you did not reply.

You decide to go, while letting out a sigh.

You have to look jolly and colorful. For yourself, of course.

But you decide to wear black, your sadness being the source.

Dreading going alone, you want to see what you can do

Get out your phone book- oh you hate this one, this one, and that one too

You decide to just go, no matter how much you dread

You're like The Grinch who stole Christmas, but you don't want that mentality to spread.

You see the matching outfits, and the kissing pictures too.

You actually need to wait a minute, you're feeling kind of blue.

Remember you're a great time, a big ol' hoot.

Plus, ending the night with those drunk texts, oh so cute.

Everyone gets a little poetic around the holidays. I think if you watch The Grinch now, you relate a whole lot more to him than you did when you were a kid. I think there is a little Grinch in all of us. He was so bitter, and I think that is how us singles are when we see a couple kiss next to a Christmas tree. I think we're bitter because it's something we don't have. Just like The Grinch, when he found that love and compassion, his heart grew. So, even though this was supposed to be a little light on your single life, I hope you take away some more than just laughter. As I sit here on the second holiday I am spending single since my ex and I broke up, I remind myself that one day I will find that love and compassion. One day I will find someone who will make my heart grow. I think that is all I really want, and that is something I haven't been able to admit to myself. One day you'll find that person too. Someone who will make your heart grow double it's size.

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