​Take A Risk, Because The Outcome May Be Better Than You Think
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​Take A Risk, Because The Outcome May Be Better Than You Think

Deciding how to spend your life is a frightening but necessary part of growing up.

​Take A Risk, Because The Outcome May Be Better Than You Think
Jacqueline Artz

My brother and I are very different people. I would describe him as a confident go-getter, someone who is never afraid of asking for he wants, even if he gets shot down (which he rarely does). Me? I’m a little more cautious. I like to look at all my options and consider several different factors before I make a decision.

So I can be a little jealous of his daredevil attitude. Sometimes I wish that I could make a decision purely on desire and worry about everything else later. Something my brother often says when I question his riskier decisions is simple, “I’ll make it work.”

I’ve never thought that way. Everything has to be planned out, with wiggle room for the surprises that may alter my plans. I’m this way about money, outings with friends, traffic, and my future.

And though this way of planning was served me well in some areas, I recognize the regrets I have from not taking risks in the past. The parties I didn’t go to, the trips I didn’t take.

Whatever the reasons that I did not pursue these options in the past are lost on me now. Perhaps it was a money issue, but could I have made it work? Would the experience have been worth it?

The more time I spend in college, in New York City, learning and traveling when I am able to, the more I crave new experiences. I want to go everywhere, taking the risks that terrified me in the past. I want to have that attitude that I can make it work.

Next year, I will study at NYU Paris, spending my days walking along the Seine River and exploring the Louvre. I don’t want to spend my time indoors, studying day and night.

School is important. I don’t think that blowing off classwork to travel is the best decision for anyone. However, there must be balance between school and fun.

I’ve spent my whole life trying to get ahead, but for what purpose. I finish all my homework for the week to buy myself time to do… what? More homework.

“Oh, I have a few hours of free time. I think I’ll start that essay due in a month.”

And while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, starting schoolwork early, I believe that time management can allow those hours to be spent having fun and not just doing schoolwork.

When I look back in ten years, I don’t want to think of college and only remember my dorm room on late nights, looking out the window while the world was living.

Only we can decide what is worth doing. We can weigh the pros and cons, make an informed decision, and end up happy. We can also jump headfirst and worry later. But if neither of these ways of thinking are truly leading you to happiness, then something must change.

So take a risk, sometimes. It could be worth it.

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