20 Class Time Realities You Relate To If You Go To Auburn University
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20 Relatable Situations For Auburn University Students

You can relate to these 20 things if you go to Auburn University.

20 Relatable Situations For Auburn University Students
Molly Joiner

I've been there, done that. I've changed majors, I've felt like a failure, I've napped in weird places. I'm here for you. It's going to be OK. Here are twenty more realities of Auburn you'll just have to get acquainted with.

1. "War Eagle" is a greeting, not just a war cry.

If someone says "war eagle" to you on the concourse, you gotta say it back. It's a rule. "War Eagle" is a war cry, a hello, and a goodbye.

2. We say "thank you" every time we get off a Tiger Transit.

We're grateful, and we love our bus drivers. It often slows down your exit, but everyone has to get their "thank you" or "have a great afternoon" in with their favorite bus driver.

3. You will get lost in Hayley Center. This is the law.

Hayley center classrooms have four numbers. The first number corresponds to the quadrant your classroom is in, the second number tells you what floor and the last two are the room number. But the tower of Hayley messes all that logic up, and everything looks the same and oh lord send help because my class is in two minutes and the elevators aren't working.

4. Our creed isn't just something we know, it's something we live by.

"We believe in work. Hard work," and that "this is a practical world." The Auburn Creed is inscribed on buildings, in dining halls, and in every student's heart.

5. Tapingo saves lives.

It's an app that allows you to skip the mile-long line at Chick-fil-A. Download it, and you can thank me later. Plus, you can attach it to your declining balance, and boom, you've spent all your money.

6. Mell is a wonderland. 

It's one of the newest buildings on campus, and let me tell you it is gorgeous. It is the gold standard for all classrooms.

7. If Parker ever comes down, EVACUATE, EVACUATE. It's called asbestos, honey.

Not to mention, the halls are worn down from all the foot traffic over the years, and when it rains really badly, so much water is tracked in that there are literal rivers in the middle of the hallway. There are also rumors about the fact that Parker may be sinking, but I'm sure that's just a wives tale.

8. You can nap anywhere. We won't judge you.

You can usually just ask most of us where our favorite napping location is. Mine is the couch in the Poultry Science Lobby. It's super comfy, and hardly ever in use.

9. The Seal. Don't step on it. Don't breathe next to it. You won't graduate on time...

LOL, you probably won't anyways, but it's not worth the risk. I've witnessed bike crashes in an attempt to miss running over the seal, and every time children run across it on game day, I cringe.

10. The Poultry Science Building is Legitness. 

Poultry Science Building

Molly Joiner

The crown jewel of the College of Ag. It's so nice and so close to a dining hall. Which is a pretty big deal since the College of Ag is on the edge of campus.

11. Upchurch only has air conditioning on one side of the building.

Prepare for clammy summer weather with little relief. It's like ten degrees cooler than the outside world, but that really doesn't mean it's an improvement. Alabama has 90 degree fall days, so you can do that math.

12. There are two Scantron styles. 

You probably won't have the right one on test day. Buy them in bulk. This is how you make friends. This is currency. Think "cigarettes in prison."

13. Finals week is so bad they have a therapy dog come visit students in the library.

His name is Moose and he is an angel. Moose is such a love bug and he always needs a good pet. Never refuse his love, it's too pure.

14. GroupMe is your best friend.

Just about every class you take has a Groupme with old tests, helpful classmates, and a whole bunch of memes. Ask around. GroupMe saves lives and GPAs.

15. JUULs are so popular that the 2019 Glomerata (Auburn's Annual) had an entire spread dedicated to them.

It was just weird, y'all. It was two pages of clinginess, and I am kind of ashamed. JUUL pods are scattered across campus and beyond, so I guess it was only natural.

16. Parking Services will put the fear of God in you.

Park without a permit? They'll boot it. Parked in the wrong section? Wow, you just got towed.

17. Teachers will either cancel class due to games or offer bonus points to those who show up.

Know who you're working with. Rate My Professor is often helpful with studying your enemy. There's a bonus tip for you.

18. There will be football players in your classes.

And you'll see them around campus, on the concourses, and in food lines. They're regular students, after all. Just seven foot tall and could probably crush you like a twig.

19. The food trucks are elusive, but when you find the Philly Connection Truck or the Dam Food Truck, it's a party.

There's supposedly an app to track their movements, but I haven't found it yet. You can also use the Tapingo app for the majority of food trucks on campus.

20. It's hot here. Yes, you will have sweat marks from your backpack. Yes, you will think you're dying. Bring water bottles and pray that Alabama doesn't cancel winter again.

It's OK to sweat it out. Everyone has the sweat marks, we aren't going to judge you. You got this. Auburn is awesome, and Alabama weather will only half-way kill you.

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