Unless you've been avoiding the internet recently, you're probably aware that Taylor Swift dropped a new single, titled "ME!" featuring Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco, this week. Since she hasn't released any new music since "Reputation" in 2017, Swifties everywhere were ecstatic. The music video for "ME!" quickly became the #1 trending video on YouTube and the bop is bound to top the Billboard charts as well.

Here are 16 instances from the music video and the lyrics that perfectly explain the end of the semester for college students.

1. When you’re complaining to your friends about everything you have to do: “You are so dramatic...”

2. Feeling panicked but trying to tell yourself everything will be OK:

3. Brendon Urie’s look of disbelief in the apartment after Taylor Swift is you when your professor throws a last minute assignment at you that wasn’t on the syllabus.

4. Taylor Swift leaving the apartment upset and crying and instantly perking up is you telling yourself you’re too busy to be sad.

5. When a final paper requires 10 sources and has to be at least 15 pages long: “I know that I’m a handful”

6. You rewriting a paragraph, every draft getting even worse than the last: “I never leave well enough alone”

7. You procrastinating your responsibilities knowing it will only hurt you later: “trouble’s gonna follow where I go”

8. Showing up to class with your final projects and comparing it to your classmates’: “one of these things is not like the others”

9. When your professor assigns a final project and still has a final exam: “I’m the only one of me”

10. You to your bed after a long and stressful day: “I promise that nobody’s gonna love you like me”

11. When you’ve realized that you’ve complained too much: “I know I tend to make it about me”

12. The professor promises not to include this certain topic on the final, but of course you see questions about it: “I know you never get just what you see”

13. The crowd of girls screaming as Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie dance is basically your brain all throughout the exam, except less happy.

14. The stress and anxiety to your good mood: “Let me keep you company”

15. Your English professors trying to lighten the mood when revising rough drafts: “Hey kids, spelling is fun!”

16. When you end up doing everything in the group project: “Girl, there ain’t no ‘I’ in ‘team’ but you know there is a ‘me’”