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Sussex County

LSD (Lower, Slower, Delaware)

Sussex County

I was born and raised in a small town; Milton, DE to be exact. Milton is located in Sussex county or "Slower Lower". It might sound offensive, but instead of the fast pass life, we have a pretty laid back lifestyle. Sussex County might seem big, but its actually pretty small. I have friends from almost every different town and most of my friends parents are friends with my parents (so you can never actually get away with anything). Here are some ways you know you're from Sussex County.

1. Everyone Knows Everyone

"Mom! Can I go to Sara's house?" "Sara Jones?? OMG her mom was my best friend in high school! I'll come over too!" "Ummm nevermind...." Literally almost everyone you go to school with, your parents have either went to school with their parents or work with them. Either way, everyone knows everyone someway or another. Its inevitable.

2. School Rivals

You knew you were going against your schools rival that week because everyone would be talking about it. From twitter fights to competitive Instagram videos, the week of this game was intense. And don't you worry, whoever won will bring it up for a whole year until the next game happens.

3. Friends

When you are little, you become friends with anyone who comes in a 10-foot radius of you. When you grow up in a small town area, the friends you make in pre-school, are the friends you will have for the rest of your life. Some of them you will even be in school with your whole educational career; from start to finish.

4. Ultimate Hangout Spot

The beach, of course!

5. Delaware State Fair

You know its the middle of summer when the Fair starts up. This is where half of us go to watch the concerts and have fun on the rides and the other half go to show off their farm animals.

6. Racing

Either you grew up with it or you know someone who races. Races consist of the racers, their families, and the people who like to drink while watching the races. Either way, it's a good pass time.

7. Tourons

It's almost that time of the year again when the beach area gets backed up with tourist and you have to sit in your car for an hour just to get to your job that usually takes you 15 minutes to get to.

8. WBOC- 16

If you've ever made it on WBOC for anything, everyone will know by the end of the night. In High School, everyone wanted to converse with Scott Abraham and when you made it on the sports segment, you were famous for about 72 hours.

Sussex County can go from beachy to redneck real quick. But, I love where I live and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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