Desiree "Dessi" Williams

Age: 27

Occupation: Physical Therapist

What is up with everyone not liking lazy people on this season? Hopefully this causes some good drama! Anyways back to Dessi. She seems like a both strong and smart competitor. She definately is very attractive so I can see her using that to her advantage in anyway she can. She isn't like the typical dumb girl that wants to flaunt her body and that be her only strategy. Dessi seems like she has a plan in mind on when to use her body as a tool and strategically play that card. She seems also like she can get a long with just about anyone. The one thing that could happen is if the girls start to become territorial after a tribe swap or merge when she tries to flirt with the guys on their tribe. Either way the girls might just not like her because of her smarts and sheer beauty. If she can effectively play all of the guys and get them to do what she wants, then Dessi has a great shot of winning this game. Prediction: Merge

Mike Zahalsky

Age: 43

Occupation: Urologist

Call me officially creeped out. We have seen super fans on the show, but never to this extent. This guy named his kid after Ethan Zohn and his wife had a "hall pass" with him before that. That is super creepy! We all love Survivor, but woah! This guy has a good shot to rub people the wrong way. He just seems to geeky and nerdy about Survivor that it is going to be impossible for him to play the game. His tribe is also so much stronger than him and he is going to be lacking in the challenge department. This overall is just not a good combination for Mike. I respect that he wants to do go and show his kids what he can do, but he is just going to be too weak and too weird to pull it off. Prediction: Pre-Merge