It's the home stretch, folks - there are only a few more days before we all head off on exciting vacations or relaxing time at home during spring break! While it is easy to want to slack off this week, it is super important to stay healthy in order to survive the craziness of papers, midterm exams, and last minute assignments.

Here are a few ways to face the next five grueling days with as much power as possible:

1. Sleep!

It is SO important to get eight hours of sleep a night - I know it is hard to find time to sleep with our busy schedules, but getting enough sleep will leave you waking up refreshed each morning! Too stressed to sleep? Try melatonin, a natural sleep aid (I swear by it). Power naps during the day are also good to help boost energy, but napping for too long can make you even more tired!

2. Don't Procrastinate!

I am a serial procrastinator, but waiting until Thursday night to write that paper or to study for your exam on Friday is only going to make you more miserable. Try to get as much work done as you can during the beginning of the week, so you can spend the rest of the week relaxing. If you feel yourself wasting time, just remember that a whole week of no classes and relaxation will follow.

3. Minimize Distractions!

Try to avoid your favorite social media websites - put your phone on silent, and don't start watching Netflix because you know as well as I do that you can't watch just one episode. Try to go to the library or find a quiet study spot, which will help you get silence and full concentration.

4. Wear Sweatpants and Leggings Everyday!

At this point, it's perfectly okay to give up looking nice to go to class - being comfortable is far more important! By throwing on an effortless outfit in the morning, it will give you a few more minutes of precious sleep!

5. Give It Your All!

Just keep telling yourself 'one more week!' Give it your last bit of strength, study hard and just try your best. Remember the reward that comes after - a whole week of relaxation, no shower shoes or classes, and homecooked meals. And just know we're all in this together.