How To Survive A Music Festival In 5 Steps
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How To Survive A Music Festival In 5 Steps

These tips are crucial.

How To Survive A Music Festival In 5 Steps

Music festival season is here. This means lineups are dropping every few days, and you are starting to decide which festivals are a must this year. Whether you are dancing on the beaches for Hangout in Gulf Shores, Alabama or camping in the middle of a field in Dover, Delaware for Firefly, you might need some tips to help you survive these festivals.

1. Make friends

Whether you are making friends while watching a set or becoming friends for life with your campsite neighbor, it is crucial to step out of your comfort zone and be social. Last year, my campsite neighbor walked five miles to bring me back McDonald’s breakfast. If that is not love, I am not sure what is.

2. Drink plenty of water

This is probably the most important one. Water is crucial. It will make or break your festival experience. If you are not hydrated, chances are you are not having fun. Festivals have water refilling stations throughout the grounds. Bring in an empty water bottle and you will be able to enjoy free water all day. Drink all the water you possibly can and you are guaranteed to have the best time.

3. Wear the right shoes

Yes, sandals are so cute and will make your outfit complete, but you will also be miserable while walking a mile to your next stage. Vans are my go to. They provide enough support while making any outfit a 10/10. Your feet will thank you later.

4. Do not miss a set you planned for

This can be so easy to do. If you miss a set because you are tired and do not feel like walking across the festival grounds, you will regret it. You paid for this festival, so get the most out of it. You will hate that you missed out on that artist when the day is over.

5. See a new artist

Discovering a new favorite band or artist is a great feeling. If you have some downtime, go see someone on a smaller stage. Recently, I discovered an artist named Goody Grace because he was playing on a stage that only had around fifty people watching. Now he is one of my favorite artists. You never know, you just might discover someone who you fall in love with.

You have the opportunity to make this one of the best experiences of your life. Follow these tips and there is no way you can go wrong.

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