How To Survive The Holidays With Depression
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How To Survive The Holidays With Depression

It might be a blue Christmas (and/or Holiday) without these tips

How To Survive The Holidays With Depression

It’s my favorite time of the year! Lights all around and hopefully snow on the ground. Presents are being exchanges and most people are happy. Some people get down during the holidays especially those with depression and other mental illnesses. Don't you fret though! This is completely normal! Diagnosed or just feeling the blues, feeling depressed is hard, but there are lots of ways to push sadness away! So here are some things to do to kick the sadness out of the way, along with gifs to make you smile!

1. Hot Chocolate

Who doesnt love a good cup of cocoa? Treat yourself and even add those cute mini marchmellows and some whipped cream!

2. Read a good book

I, myself, am not an avid reader, but sometimes its a way to escape reality and use your imagination.

3. Go on a walk

Clear your head and enjoy the winter air. Throw on your jacket, gloves, scarf, hat, and enjoy the crisp winter atmosphere.

4. Visit your favorite place

When ever I feel down i think about my special spot. Go to that place if you can, if not find a quite space and imagine yourself there.

5. Treat yourself!

It's Christmas time! Buy yourself that thing you wanted, you have been doing a great job and you deserve it.

6. Go on an adventure

My favorite thing is to take a drive and find new places to go! It is relaxing and fun!

7. Cuddle your pet

I love coming home to my dogs and they make me happier than anything else. Get youself a blanket, grab your pet, and just cuddle the day away! Disclaimer: Do not grab pets that do like to be grabbed.

8. Decorate for the holiday

Festive decorations laways put me in a god mood! Who can be sad when a tree has 100s of lights on it?

9. Make a gift for someone you love

Get your hands covered in some paint and glue! Be creative and give it to someone that means a lot to you! Its therapudic and nice for other peeople too!

10. Watch holiday movies

Don't be a grinch! Watch The Grinch, Cindy Lou Who saves christmas for her whole town so save your holiday by watching your favorite festive movie!

11. Play in the snow

I am a proud 19 year old that still enjoys sledding and making snow angels. You cant be sad when the world looks so pretty!

12. Bake! or Cook!

I stress bake, no shame! A good batch of cookies makes everyone happy! if baking isn't your thing cook your favorite meal.

13. Volunteer

Giving back durring the cold winter months easily spreads the holiday happiness to not only yourself, but your whole community! You feel good inside and out!

14. Go out with friends

Go ice skating, have a snow ball fight, cuddle up to watch a movie! Speding time with good people will rub off on your mood and the sadness will melt away!

15. Go out with your significant other

Who doesn't like seeign the holidays sights with a boyfreind/girlfriend? I would love to see some Christmas lights with a boyfreind. Romace will melt the sadness in your heart. If you don't have a S/O like me, rock the single life!

16. Take a nap

Naps. Are. Everything. Sleep gets rid of all negative feelings! Trust me I am an expert.

17. Make a gingerbread house

I love making ginger bread houses. There are like art pieces you can eat!

18. Do something creative

Paint, play music, write, whatever gets those creative juices flowing, do it! Im on top of the world with a guitar in my hand!

19. Do a good deed

You don't have to necessarily volunteer to do a good deed! Help that old couple with their groceries, help that struggling mom in line at the store. Small things that make you feel good and spread the good will of the holiday spirit!

20. Go to a christmas market

Beautiful hand made christmas trinkets are the best, you dont even have to buy. Grab a mulled cider and walk around admiring someone elses art!

21. Go see the big tree near you

Who doesnt like a big tree decorated with lights?

22. Blanket Forts

A classic blanket fort mixed with hot cocoa, a fire, fuzzy socks, and a good movie is enought to supply happiness for weeks!

23. Make a fire

Warm those ice cold toes by the fire! the heat will melt away the hold sadness has on your heart!

24. Go Caroling

The best way to spread Chriatmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

25. Just enjoy the holidays!

Push the negative away and focus on all the good things that come with winter and the holidays! Depression and sadness arent worth it!

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