When Did Wearing Black Or A Pin Determine My Support?

When Did Wearing Black Or A Pin Determine My Support?

I am more than the clothes I wear.


So recently at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, many actors and actresses wore black or the Times Up pin to show their support for the Me Too movement. Now that was honorable and amazing, but not everybody in attendance at the event did that. One of these people happened to be the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Instead of wearing black she wore a green dress. And she was criticized for it. She was criticized for not wearing black and not supporting the Me Too movement.

My issue with this is... When did wearing black and a pin show my support for anything? Like the H&M controversy, things were taken out of context. Nothing is black and white, you aren't just either with us or against us. The Me Too movement is supposed to support others, raise awareness, and teach others. It is not supposed to bring people down. And that is what happened in this case. It's upsetting because there are so many ways to support a movement and wearing a color or pin is not the only way. Also to criticize people in the name of a movement which stands to support people, mostly women, is wrong.

James Franco wore black to support the Me Too movement and he might, in fact, be a predator.

It is easy to bring people down and attack them, but we should try not to do that. Let's instead judge people by their character and actions, not just by what they wear. We are better than that.

I am wearing a pink outfit today and I am more than the clothes I wear. I support the Me Too movement. I am a feminist. I am a daughter. I am a student. I am a person.

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