10 Ways To Avoid The 'Sunday Scaries'
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10 Solid Strats To Turn Your 'Sunday Scaries' Into 'Sunday Funday'

Sunday scaries are real... but there's a way to make them disappear.

10 Solid Strats To Turn Your 'Sunday Scaries' Into 'Sunday Funday'

We all know that dreaded, anxious, even sad feeling that overtakes our mind and body come Sunday morning; the tightness in our stomach the shakiness, usually associated with guilt or possibly regret. Often we feel it stronger following an action-packed, busy or fun weekend. Although we have all experienced this feeling at some point or another, no one really knows why or what these Scaries really are, we just know, it's a feeling that's hard to shake loose. You can suffer through it alone in bed, eating everything and anything, and reflecting on your weekend actions, or you can put your mind elsewhere by avoiding caries all together.

Here are some tips on things to do to escape the Sunday Scaries.


Exercise is something that you either love or hate, but it is shown that exercising can release endorphins, causing happiness overall. Plus it's a great way to sweat out the toxins you may have consumed over the weekend. Or run off any anger/anxiety lingering. The hardest part is getting there, but the feeling after a good workout is worth it.

Take a Bath

Light a candle, slap on a Facemask, and drop a bath bomb into the tub. Happiness starts with how you treat yourself mental health and physical health can be increased with hygiene and relaxation

Get Cleaning

Ever heard of the phrase, a clean house is a happy house? Instead of laying in bed stepping over your clothes that have been thrown all over your floor when looking for an outfit, pick up your room and maybe clean your bathroom. You will feel a lot better and more motivated to get things done in a clean living environment.

Make a to-do list

You may not be able to get everything done today but stay organized .Planning ahead will keep you on the right track to accomplishing what you need to that upcoming week. Laying it all out will help you to visualize and better prepare yourself for the weekly tasks ahead.

Take on an art project

Painting a picture, opening a coloring book, or even free style writing can be relaxing. Alleviate the stress from your scary Sunday with some artwork. Creativity is good for the mind and can spark some motivation to check some things off that to do list.


Clearing your mind and relaxing your spirits can help you feel at peace with yourself and better prepare your mental and spiritual self for the week ahead. Even lighting a candle, closing your eyes, taking deep breaths, and doing a bit of stretching can make you feel better.

Surround yourself with others

Sunday Scaries are better taken on with others. Face it, you're not the only one dealing with this awful feeling today, chances on your roommates and friends are probably laying in bed in last nights makeup and binge watching Grey's Anatomy too so why not join forces and help each other through it.


Don't let yourself get hangry. Enjoy a nice big breakfast or brunch with mimosas or bloody maries ( a little hair of the dog), to get your day started. The most important meal of the day, even on Sunday right?

Plan something to look forward to

Having something to look forward to such as a dinner with friends, a movie night, or anything as simple as going shopping at your favorite store can spark excitement and increase your optimism when going into the workweek. This event that you plan will be in your mind all week until you reach that day, helping each hour pass by quickly.

Finally, listen to music

Music is the best mood enhancer and one of the easiest things to do. So listen to some upbeat, cheery, motivational music or even your favorite genre, and you'll be surprised how much better you will feel.

We know Sunday can be scary, but just keep on keeping on and before you know it the weekend will be back and better than ever. And when Sunday arrives with the scaries and more, take a second to do something off this list, you may be able to defeat them once and for all.

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