Unlike most people on the planet, my skin is weird. Instead of getting tan like most Indians who have to go through a whole extensive process to not get tanned, I have to go through a completely different process to prevent getting burned. Here are my tips, and who knows: you may use them to not get tan, too!

1. Do Not Leave The House Between 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.

When the sun is out, it is a big no-no to leave the house. Think about yourself like a vampire; if they leave their houses when the sun is out, they get burned. Treat your skin the same way because if you are outside while the sun comes out, you are setting yourself up for the perfect burn.

2. 2. Sunglasses And Hats Are Your Best Friends.

hats and sunglasses

By protecting your head and eyes, you are essentially saving your face from turning as red as a tomato after. By wearing these, you allow for there to be a barrier between you and the sun.

3. 3. Long Sleeved Clothes Are Another Must-Have.

long sleeves

Wearing lose-fitting/tightly woven clothing helps create another barrier from the suns rays to your skin. Because the clothes are loosely-fitted when you hold them up, no rays of light should pass through, and this helps ensure that there is 100% protection. If light does pass through, then that is considered "exposed skin" when you wear the clothing.

4. 4. Do Not Forget To Bring Your Sunscreen Anywhere.

Sunscreen is another friend of yours. When you are outside, reapply the sunscreen at least every two hours for optimal protection. This will help have a barrier between you and the sun especially when you are at the pool or beach and cannot wear long clothing. Remember: the higher SPF, the better.

5. 5. Aloe Vera Helps A Lot.

Aloe vera can help soothe the skin, especially when an area may feel a little uncomfortable after spending the day in the sun. By helping soothe the skin it can essentially stop the irritation and make the skin better before it gets worse. Many lotions contain it, and many supermarkets have it in a gel form.

6. 6. If Your Skin Does Get Burned, Take Frequent Cold Showers.

Cold Showers

If in the off chance your skin does get burned, it is okay. Take frequent cold showers to help relieve the pain along with some over-the-counter medications to help reduce swelling. A combination of these two will help you get on your feet in no time.

7. 7. Seek Shade Whenever Possible.

Seeking shade will help you get away from the sun. It is an easy way to do so too! Plus, it may even cool you down a little.

8. 8. Switch Out Your Processed Foods For Antioxidant-Rich Foods.

Antioxidant Rich Foods

Processed food harms the skin more than helping it. Instead of eating processed food a lot, try eating foods like kale, cherries, and blackberries. These types of foods will help increase the immunity of the cells working against the harmful sun rays. In the end, they are allowing your skin to be even more protected. Plus, you will be eating healthier which is good for your body!

9. 9. No Tanning Oil!

Tanning Oil

Tanning oil is a big no-no. With this you are basically inviting the sun to you. You want to prevent getting tanned and burned, so by wearing this, you are bound to get even more tan and even more burned.

10. 10. Drink Water


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The more water you drink the better becasue it will help cool down your skin. Putting some electrolytes in your water would also help in repairing your body, so if a blister or little burn does show up, the energy in your body can defeat it before it becomes too big.

11. 11. Do Not Pop Blisters If You Get Them

Do not pop blisters. No matter how tempting they may be, they have to heal. If you pop them, there will only be more pain for you.