the sunshine flooded my room this morning

soaked my bed sheets

and seeped into my soul

there must be something in the air -

thick and heavy with humidity

as i wake up, realizing i'm alone

my pillows are the only thing pressed against me

my t-shirt sticks to my back

if it's a dream, but i'm not aware that it's a dream

is what i feel still real?

if i feel scared or threatened

if i see blue skies and grey clouds

and then i wake up

does the experience hold less significance than real life?

when i'm awake

because it feels real, so my reactions are genuine

things don't have to be physical to be real



is for dreamers

it's for haters, lovers,

the reckless

and the hopeless

they say time flies when you're having fun

but did you know that time slows down if you let it?

as the sun sat low in the sky, i laid in the grass

thinking it'd bring me some sort of peace

but instead my mind raced through the atmosphere

and drifted into space

i haven't seen it since then

nostalgia will kill you

and days like this were made in the summertime

earlier today i came home to a full house

of faces i didn't recognize

a stranger

in my own home

i don't belong here,

but i am here

so maybe i do belong here

i'm taking these things as signs

who i exist as now is who i've always existed as

either i'm changing

or i'm becoming more of myself

i wonder who all of these people are, where they're going, where they came from

isn't it crazy

how everyone experiences the same day in a different way?

as i turn up the fan and turn down the temperature,

i wonder who i saw today

that i'll see again