Summertime is coming quickly, which means so is the HEAT! Whether you love that summer sunshine or hate it, it gets the best of all of us sometimes. Dressing up might be the last thing you're worried about when the thermometers are breaking triple digits and I get it, I'm all about comfort.

But don't feel like your only option is to reach for the running shorts and oversized tee this coming season. Anticipating sweaty skin doesn't mean you can't still look cute and stylish. I've compiled a short list of some staple summertime wardrobe items that will keep you cool, comfy, and looking amazing.

This is a Pinterest inspired blog so be sure to click on my inspiration links in the orange font throughout this post!

High Waist Fabric Tie Shorts

High waist fabric shorts might be one of the easiest ways to cheat the system of comfort and fashion. They are loose and lightweight like athletic shorts, yet look chic and can even be styled to look dressy. Get a neutral color (or multiple neutral colors) and pair them with any basic tee or tank and some delicate jewelry for a simple, pretty look.

BONUS POINTS to the high waist style for being flattering on literally every body type as well.

Strapless Material Jumpsuits

The fact that your entire outfit can pertain to a grand total of ONE article of clothing, and still look so good proves my exact point that ease and comfort don't equal sacrificing style. Throwing your hair into a sleek bun and slipping on a one-piece jumper takes a grand total of about two seconds. It's easy, it's casual and it's comfortable. Pair it with some strappy sandals, your favorite sunnies and you're out the door. Pair it with a blazer, some pumps and your favorite lipstick at nighttime and you're ready to go out on the town. Talk about versatile!

Cute Graphic Tees 

I want to get it straight that there is NOTHING wrong with T-shirts. There is however a difference between the raggedy old T-shirt you got at summer camp three years ago and a cute T-shirt that you should wear out in public. While the prior option might be great to sleep in, it probably isn't the best option for grabbing iced coffee with friends.

Graphic tees can be fun because they come in so many colors and varieties, you can really express yourself and your personal style through them. Knot tie the front and pair with some high waisted denim for a very casual look that still has a sense of effort put into it. You can even wear this outfit with sneakers if your heart so desires.

Babydoll Dresses

Imagine being outside on the hottest day of the year and feeling absolutely blessed because you are wearing a cute dress that just so conveniently picks up even the slightest breeze keeping you fresh and cool. This is the beauty of babydoll fit dresses. Much like the jumpsuit, there is nothing easier than rolling out of bed and slipping on a loose fitting dress and some sunnies. Throw some overnight curls in your hair before bed the night before for a truly effortless but gorgeous look nonetheless.

Oversized Overall Shorts 

Obviously, these are a huge trend right now, if you haven't noticed them filling up your Insta, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. feed then follow my link to see what I mean. Personally, I am obsessed with this trend, the open fit of the bottoms when paired with a fitted top, like a simple tube top, creates an incredibly slimming and flattering illusion on any body type. You could also try pairing it with a basic tee for a super trendy look.

Although they are shorts and not a skirt, the flowing fabric has a very feminine appearance which is why fun accessories like hair bows and sunglasses work so well with these as well. Additionally, overall shorts come in every color under the sun, so you can feel free to express yourself and your style without limits.

Pintrest Board Link

If you're still looking for more Inso, here is a link to a Pinterest board with more ideas so please enjoy. I can't wait for you all to look absolutely fabulous this summer! (click here to view my board.)