I probably made the worst decision that any college student could've ever done: I enrolled in summer school.


At first, I thought, "Oh, wow, I bet six weeks of school won't be as bad as an entire quarter." And let me tell you, as I write this, I'm mentally scolding myself for making such a choice. Sure. Fewer people, less material to cover, and less time in class.

It sounded like paradise when my friend said that we should take Summer School since it would've been easier to take this class then rather than during the quarter. Fewer people would want to be in the class; easier class to take. However, I was in for an ugly treat, the kind you are promised when you're younger, but end up going to the doctor instead for your shots.

From this past six weeks of classes, I learned a couple things that changed my entire perspective of life.

1. Less time means less time to cover content


To anyone, this might sound like a heavenly blessing sent from the gods of education. Haha, but trust me it isn't. Summer school is like a contract where you forgot to read the small letter in between the lines. There's more to it than you expect, despite the short amount of time.

A short amount of time means less time to cover all that content. Which means that the professor is going to cram as much information as they can for the course. You know, I just love it when a professor goes off the slides into a tangent, and when you least expect it, you're on the next chapter. Like, half of the information was said during that tangent.

And if you didn't pay attention during most of that tangent, well, you better make friends in that class if you're a loner like me.

2. The hardships of summer


Remember when Sharpay Evans made us wish for a fabulous summer while singing and posing inside a cup of iced water with a slice of lemon? Yeah, we all wanted that life.

Summer school, however, becomes a hindrance for that fabulous summer. Waking up early to go to class is disgustingly hard during summer. Doing homework for your class during the summer while your friends are out is painful. Not being able to fully enjoy summer because you are too busy worrying about school is bad for your mental health. (A study conducted by a friend and me concludes).

And if you're one of those who took summer school for the entirety of summer, your pain must be unfathomable.

3. Summer school can be hard to take serious


At first, summer school sounded like it was going to be amazing. I was telling myself how I was gonna go for those A's, and now I am crying hoping to pass my class with a decent C at least. Yes. I tried my best, and, somehow, I was bitten in the ass.

Somehow, I was doing good in class, and then the midterm came. I had studied, you know. I felt ready with my calculator and #2 pencil. I was ready to make that test my bitch. Fast-forward to a couple days later, and I was made a bitch by my test score. I had to take a moment to steady myself and not cry.

4. That scorching, deadly summer sun


Most of the summer here in LA has been pretty hot. As soon as you step out, a wet stain has appeared on the armpits and chest of your shirt. Most of your genitals are itchy from the sweat, and you just get an undeniable need to go to the beach.

But of course, you need to go to class. You need to walk through campus, through those tiring stairs, and under the sun. I usually have to walk from the bus stop to my class, which is almost a ten-minute walk. By the time I get inside the building (not my class), I'm drenched in sweat and panting.

LA and summer school students are not good friends, let me tell you.

5. The brokenness of being broke


Being in summer school and not living on campus is one hell of a bitch, especially if you find yourself broke more than half of the time. Especially when you know you can't get free coffee from a dining hall. That realization is one of the hardest.

Moving from being able to have coffee whenever you went to a dining hall to having to walk to a coffee shop and buy some is hard to absorb. Most of the time, my friend and I would go broke from buying coffee because we are those type of students who don't function with it. Sometimes, we would both have to scavenge through our pockets to be able to afford some.

And you know, it's summer and you also need to flaunt your iced caramel latte with foam and almond milk, am I right?

As helpful as summer school can be, I think I would've prepared to skip it if I had known how I would be today. Two finals, back to back and still with no idea of where to start. Sometimes, I wish that I could easily drop classes but it's the last week already. A hopeless wish is what I'm aiming for, so I'll guess I'll just have to cry and try to ace those finals.