9 Ways To Experience Summer In Milwaukee Like A Local
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9 Ways To Experience Summer In Milwaukee Like A Local

All the fun spots you have to visit!

9 Ways To Experience Summer In Milwaukee Like A Local

Now that school is out, and summer is finally here, there is plenty of time to explore new places and have fun! Whether you live in Milwaukee and you simply want to get to know your city better, or you are visiting Milwaukee for the summer, here are some fun places to visit to get the most out of your experience:

1. Summerfest, fun fest!

Nothing says summer in Milwaukee like Summerfest does! With multiple stages and various well-known artists performing every day, we are talking about one of the largest music festivals ever! Take your friends, family, significant other, and get ready to have a blast! Delicious food, amusement rides, cold drinks, and of course live music, are all part of Summerfest and what makes it so much fun!

2. Ethnic festivals for the culture lovers

If you were hoping to travel to Italy but your summer job is taking up your time, don’t worry: Italy is traveling to you! Festa Italiana is the perfect two-day destination that will almost convince you that you’re in Italy and not in Milwaukee!

At the festival, you can find yummy Italian food, Bella Musica, and even a replica of the Trevi Fountain to have your little Lizzy McGuire moment! Many other ethnic festivals also take place, including Polish Fest, German Fest, Black Arts Fest, Irish Fest, Mexican Fiesta, Indian Summer, etc.

3. Soak up the sun on Bradford Beach

If you like volleyball, then grab your friends and come down to Bradford Beach, where you can play in a league and win prizes! If, however, playing competitively isn’t your forté, no worries; simply find a net that’s not taken and have fun! Meanwhile, if you’re thirsty from the game, or if you need to take a quick bite of energy, Northpoint Custard has you covered! As the name implies they have fresh custard, juicy burgers, yummy sandwiches, and ice-cold beverages.

4. Have a picnic at the Veteran’s Park

Whether you want to have a nice time with your family, or you are looking for something romantic to do with your partner, you will enjoy a picnic at the Veteran’s Park. Pack some food from home, lay a blanket on the grass, and enjoy the sunrise, sunset, or stare at the stars. It’s simple things like this that will give you the opportunity to relax and share funny stories and cute memories with each other!

5. Moonlight Paddles on the Milwaukee River

If you like kayaking, the Milwaukee Kayak Company gives your favorite outdoor activity a fun twist! Instead of kayaking in the daylight, why not be in the water at night, and let the moonlight lead your way?

6. Cruise on the Milwaukee River or Lake Michigan

Riverwalk Boat Tours offer public cruises and pontoon rentals, which allow you to explore all the historical and architectural landmarks along Milwaukee's waterways. If you are new to Milwaukee, or if this is your city and you just want to explore it better, this is an opportunity for you!

7. Dine at Historic Third Ward

The Historic Third Word is home to performing art venues and classy restaurants. From cafes, to pubs, bars, tavernas, whatever you are craving you can find it here. It is especially beautiful to visit this cosmopolitan neighborhood by night, since nightlife is very vibrant here!

8. Dine at Harbor House

If you like seafood, steak, or wine, the Harbor House by Lake Michigan offers the best kind! It is an upscale restaurant with skyline views, and so not only will you love the food, you will also fall in love with the atmosphere and the view!

9. Check out Casablanca on Brady Street

Casablanca is a Middle Eastern restaurant, cocktail lounge, and hookah bar all in one! Each week there are belly dancers to travel you to the Middle East, and to make your dining more enjoyable. You will also find a DJ, to keep the party going! If however you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, you can dine at their patio and listen to calm guitar playing, while enjoying a warm summer breeze!

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