As Summer Is Finally Ending, I Am So Glad We Are Finally Moving Into Fall

Summer is a beautiful time of year. It's time for the beaches, the sun, the hot weather, the extra time with friends and family, limited work and classes, and time to relax. Then it reaches a point where it should be over. Is it over when it should be? No, it's not over then. It's still going. That's right, still going. If it were a perfect world, summer would just know when it's supposed to end.

It's time for fall to step in. It's time to see Mother Nature do works of art with the leaves in the trees, the air needs to cool down, it's time for bonfires, cuddling up, pumpkin spice to rear it's (sometimes overdone) head, and all the normal fall festivities to begin. It's time to carve pumpkins, or even have them on sale, it's time for haunted houses, corn mazes, school to start up again, and for everyone to be back on the grind. Autumn needs to be here already.

Summer is great and all, but like everything good in the world, too much of a good thing is sometimes just… too much. I'm ready for everyone to get back to school, get back to work, get everything going again and start up. It's time for a break from the school kids that are constantly gathering in the mall and to be able to go out without encountering the gaggles of children in every direction.

Another great thing about fall is that there are Fall Sales almost everywhere. Most stores have giant Fall Sales where you find great deals on new clothes, shoes, electronics, whatever you're looking for is most likely going to be on sale somewhere! It's always exciting to go into a store and find items anywhere between 20%-50% off!

Something that I personally look forward to when summer ends: the heat goes with it. The summer heat can be fun for a little while but after that, it can turn into this hellish feeling where you step outside and depending on where you live, you're going to be drenched in your own sweat within seconds, or you may struggle to breathe. Allergies are going to flare up and you're just going to struggle altogether.

When the fall comes, allergies may still be in session, but the heat won't be quite as stifling. The heat may still show up at times, but the mornings are going to have that nice cool crisp feeling, and nights are going to calm down until the heat is something more manageable, something that you can deal with rather than feeling like you're suffocating.

I'm ready for summer to end I'm ready for pumpkins, apple cider, to get my basic pumpkin spice latte (yes, I know it's already out), to spend Thanksgiving time with my family, and to just relax and take in the beautiful colors of Fall. I'm ready for fall and to move into the most aesthetically beautiful time of the year, aren't you?

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