I decided this summer, I wanted it to be the best one yet. It is my last summer before I go off to college and supposedly it is one of the most memorable summers. My summer has started off pretty good, I have been hanging with my friends and family, going to the pool. Not only do I want to continue doing that but have little adventures. My boyfriend and I were planning on doing stuff around the City of STL just because one it's our last summer before everything changes and two we have never really gone anywhere like the Zoo or the Science Center so we thought it would be fun. Here are 10 things that are on my bucket list for the summer (hope to do them all ). What is on your bucket list or what do you want to accomplish over the summer?

1. Have adventures In hometown

Like I said earlier before I leave for college, I hope to spend some more time in the city visiting places like the Arch, the Zoo and many other places in downtown St. Louis.

2. Watch the stars

I have always thought this would be fun, go outside one night sit on a blanket play music and just watch the stars.

3. Attend a baseball game

I love going to baseball games, I used to go all the time as a kid but now we only go once or twice and I miss it.

4. Take a unexpected road trip

I have been wanting to do this for years. It just seems so much fun to be with friends or significant other and just get away for the weekend.

5. Dance in the rain

Not giving a care in the world and dancing in the rain sounds like a blast to me.

6. Plan a picnic

Pack up some food and drinks and head to the park.

7. Go to a concert

Is it really summer if I don't attend a concert?

8. Go a week without technology

This one would be hard but I think I could do it!!!

9. Pay for someone's food

I see people do this occasionally and I think it is the coolest thing.

10. Set time to exercise daily

The weather is nice out! Go take a walk or go for a swim. Be active, don't sit inside!!!