We're all about a good summer wardrobe, but we're also about stocking up basic pieces to match with our basics, too. Let's see what pieces are great to stock up in every color.

1. Tube Tops


That temperature is soaring, all you need to do is to find a tube top that fits best on your body type. Then buy in every color in store so just in case you have a really cute patterned skirt to wear, then pull out the tube top.

2. Flattering pair of shorts


It doesn't matter if they're linen, drawstring, biker, denim, you know what I'm saying. You WILL need a pair of shorts for running errands or a quick fix to make your summer fit look put-together.

3. Sundresses


It's sundress season, break them out in different colors, short and long. They are perfect for a quick cookout outfit or a last-minute wedding outfit (just don't wear a white dress to a wedding but you get the point).

4. Slides


They are literally the easiest to slip your feet in! These cuties come in different colors, and this particular one is under $10 each! I recommend finding plastic ones for the pool.

5. Pendant Necklaces


Since we are going simple on the jewelry because our outfits make a huge statement. I would like to bring a really cute way to dazzle up a look: stacking up necklaces. I like to find simple necklaces like these and mix and match necklaces to get a different look every time.

You've already cleaned out your closet during the spring. Now, it's time to stock up on your summer basics before they run out!