Summer Aesthetics Quiz
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What Summer Aesthetic Are You?

Whether you tend to stay inside or conquer each day, there is an aesthetic for you.


From outdoorsy to summer-time-slug, find out which summer aesthetic fits your personality.

1. Which most describes you?

1. Temperature doesn't matter if you're having fun!

2. Embrace the heat

3. Heat is good, but as soon as it get's too hot I'm heading inside.

4. Blast the AC

2. Which style best fits your personality?

1. Rompers, jumpsuits, whatever matches.

2. You dress to impress!

3. Casual all the way.

4. If you can't wear a sweater you're not going outside.

3. What summer activity would you rather do?

1. Hiking

2. Camping

3. Swimming

4. Sun Bathing/Relaxing

4. Favorite summer drink?

1. Water

2. Smoothies

3. Ice Tea

4. Milkshakes

5. How do you feel about the summer?

1.Best time of the year!

2. All seasons work for you.

3. Perfect time to work on your tan.

4. Why isn't it winter already?

6. What is your go to summer outfit?

1. Shorts, a tank top, something casual.

2. Skirts and floral prints to match the season.

3. Jeans a t-shirts, same thing you wear all year.

4. PJ's, why would you leave the house when there's no school?

If you answered mostly 1's...

Summer is when you thrive. You enjoy everything about the season, so your whole wardrobe reflects it. Your Youtube subscribers know all about your hiking, camping, and other adventures. Bright, cool colors represent you the best, but you're not afraid of earthy tones. All you need is you, your sneakers, and something to conquer.

If you answered mostly 2's...

Summer is great, but so are the other seasons. Your closet is a color wheel and you have an outfit for any weather, You favor floral prints and cute accessories in the summer. If you're not shopping you're out by the beach. Your Instagram feed is filled with cannon balls and snapshots of shopping sprees. You own strappy heels for any occasion and always look your best. If you got it, flaunt it

If you answered mostly 3's...

You go with the flow. Neutral tones reflect you best and your closet shows this. A simple jeans t-shirt combo can go a long way with you and you have converse for days. Your Snapchat story has infinite clips of funny-faced-selfies and pool days. Whether you're relaxing inside with a good book or hanging out with friends you are taking each day by storm. The only thing that would make summer better was if it had falls temperatures.

If you answered mostly 4's...

To you, summer is just the time spent waiting for winter. Warm and dark colors liter your room and you have a sweater for every day of the week. The best part about summer is that there's no school, so you don't have to go out in the heat. Only friends can get you outside and even that's a stretch. You put the break in summer break and use your time to catch up on hobbies like binge-watching Netflix, and your Tumblr knows all the shows. With AC and music blasting you survive the summer.

Whatever your aesthetic, summer is going to be a blast!

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