10 Summer Activities For Grandparents To Do With Their Grandkids
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10 Summer Activities That Everyone, Including The Grandparents Who Are Visiting You, Will Love

Just because they're elderly doesn't mean they can't have a fun summer.


When the weather gets warmer and the flowers emerge from the Earth, that's when you know that summer is arriving. During this time of the year, college students will be finished with the semester (congrats if you are graduating) and leaving the stress of finals behind. However, it can be difficult figuring out what activities you want to do with family. The most important members (besides parents) are your grandparents. They carry happiness, wisdom, and occasionally candy wherever they go. Summer activities are more fun when you include them. Here are 10 activities that even grandparents would love to do this summer.

1. Snapping pictures on a nature walk

This is a fun activity for all ages. Take your grandparents with you on a nature walk at a park or any pathway with trees and flowers. Enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the wildlife. If there is a local pool or picnic area nearby, the day will be even more fun. Open spaces are great for taking photos to make the memories last, so make sure to bring a camera.

2. Doing a landscape painting

Another outdoor activity that is both fun and relaxing is painting a picture of the scenery. Whether you are a beginner or experienced artist, this is an activity that everyone will love. Open your creativity and really capture an image that photographs do not. Be sure to take your time as you take in the environment. Afterward, the painting you made can be given as a gift for a special occasion or hung on the wall as a memory.

3. Heading to the movies

There are plenty of amazing movies that families can go see during the summer (there are always new ones announced months in advance) they might enjoy. Either an adventure or comedy will be good, since you do not want the film to be too loud or intense. After school is over, this is a nice way to spend time with family while enjoying a summer blockbuster. Visiting a nice restaurant after and talking about what you thought of the movie is a great end to a wonderful day.

4. Making tye-dye t-shirts

Here is another summer activity that will give your shirts a more creative look. Tye-dye shirts are really cool and families will love mixing colors together to create their own unique shirts. Go crazy and have a blast with the design process. If you prefer, you can also go and have a family photo printed on a t-shirt. This will make a great memory of the summer.

5. Taking a trip to the beach

The beach is a wonderful place to go during the summer. There is so much to enjoy and activities to do with family. Feeling the sun on your skin and smelling the ocean will certainly bring you nostalgia. Take a walk along the shore, go for a swim, play Frisbee, or take pictures of the horizon. Grandparents will love the beach and getting the opportunity to catch some fish (weather permitting) and watch the sunset.

6. Visiting a flea or farmer's market

The summer is also the time where vendors will be providing a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables, along with homemade crafts and valuables. Families and grandparents will love picking freshly grown fruit or searching for collectibles. Here you can find great products and the chance to try some organic food. It's also great exercise and the opportunity to appreciate the outdoors. If you really enjoy going, this can become an annual tradition every summer.

7. Going on a fishing trip

Here is a fun activity that all families will enjoy, although it takes a little bit of skill and luck. If you can rent a boat for the summer, try to catch some tasty fish for dinner. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the sun and have fun conversations. Make sure that the weather is nice, and that nobody gets sick. Fishing is an activity that does not require too much strength, but can still be considered a fun summer event.

8. Spending the day at the public pool

There is usually a pool close to home where everyone can bring their families. Here is a chance to stop by and go for a swim. Bring food and bask in the sun (make sure to arrive early to get chairs) before jumping in the water and practicing laps. If there is a water slide, that's another great option. The pool is a place you need to check out during the summer.

9. Watching a live concert or sporting event

Anyone who is a sports fan will like seeing their favorite team or band playing live. Get tickets and either travel to the city, venue, or stadium of your choice to watch them. This is an activity that will bring memories since you were there to see it with close family or relatives. Please refrain from snapping too many pictures. Tune in and have an amazing time.

10. Volunteering for a charitable event

This is a summer activity that brings families together while giving back to the community. Local soup kitchens, churches or other organizations are usually looking for people to donate and participate over the summer. The public library is another great place with fun events. For students, this will be great for resumes, and it's a way to connect with family and the community. It does not matter what charity it is (make sure it's legit) since you are making a difference in society.

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