Stop What You're Doing

Although school seems like it's just an old figment of a nightmare, unfortunately, school actually exists, a fact thqt will become apparent in about two weeks. Save yourself the stress of completing seven assignments in one night by starting them today.

Yes, teachers do not place much importance on the quality of summer homework for the mot part, but creating and maintaining the facade of being a good student will help your reputation in the long run. At the end of next semester, whose grade will the teacher bump up from a C to an A+? The student who didn't turn in their summer homework, or the student who did?

Also, it is just good to do your homework. Perhaps you will have fun. Perhaps you will realize that this is a class you should drop.

Summer homework prepares you for the real world. Do adults stop working in the summer? No. Only teachers do.

Im addition, summer homework is a great alternative to fill the Netflix-sixed hole in your heart after you have run out of shows to watch and instead have resorted to mindlessly staring at the ceiling while contemplating life.

Do your summer homework today! Future you will thank you.

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