The life of fast-food workers is unique to say the least. Here are some things that piss off Subway workers daily.

1. Walking up to the wrong end of the line to order

You'd think the cash register would give it away that you are not at the beginning of the line, but actually the end.

2. Asking what we recommend 

Frankly, I'm around this food and smell all day, every day. Nothing appeases me anymore. In my personal case, I'm also a vegetarian, so the number of times I'm asked "Well why do you work here then?" is astounding.

3. Not saying how many sandwiches total

Nothing is worse than thinking you had an easy order of only one sandwich, and upon ringing the customer out, their response to your question, "anything else?" (as in chips, cookies, a drink) is replied with "yes, three more sandwiches."

4. Asking for a water cup then getting pop

This is not only annoying but also illegal. The only joy that comes out of someone trying to pull a quick one on you is watching them get pop then calling them out on it.

5. Saying the order is "to go" then eating it inside

I understand the resilience of paying tax to eat in a restaurant, but trying this trick just wasting "to go" bags.

6. Touching the glass

Do not touch it. Especially when it's already been cleaned for the day. I know what onions look like, you do not need to frantically tap the glass pointing to them.

7. Coming in with ten minutes left until close

It's one thing if someone comes in right before closing time if they know what they want and can order quickly. It's another thing if they stand there like they have all the damn time in the world. Especially when they state that they know you're closing soon.

8. Throwing coupons in the employee's face at the very start

It's one thing if a customer states they're using a coupon with said deal on it. It is a completely different thing when they try handing it to you over the counter as you're trying to start their sandwich. Would you like me to hold this with one hand and make the sandwich with my other? Keep it till you are cashing out, please.

9. Saying "I want the Italian" 

Am I supposed to know what that means? Italian bread? Italian B.M.T.? Spicy Italian? I'm Italian, are you trying to ask me out? It takes half a second to say the complete sandwich name, just do it.

10. Giving change after already being rung-up

Oh, so you magically realized you indeed have 84 cents? I work at Subway, does it look like I can do mental math? Okay, I can, but this process would have been shorter if you said "hold on let me look for change" from the start.

11. Making it known you're upset when there's an item out of stock

You're really sad we ran out of onions? Me too. If we did have them, I'd put them under my eyes so I could fake-cry and let you know how truly sorry and upsetting it is. In all seriousness, it does suck when a restaurant is out of your favorite item, coincidentally the day you go there. Although, telling an employee your feelings 1. Isn't going to make them be able to fix the problem 2. They don't care and have already heard it ten times the past hour.

12. Confusing White American and Swiss cheese

One has holes, the other doesn't.

13. Getting mad over a seasonal menu

We don't have corned beef year round. It's seasonal. Just as many options, and many other restaurants.

14. Saying the sandwich is all done when it's not

Usually the question "anything else" precedes the closing of the sandwich. Thus, if the answer is no, the sandwich is about to get closed. That is until the customer remembers that they forgot to ask for sauce. Which they almost always do.

15. Saying you want "this shredded lettuce"

We only have one type of lettuce, the other is spinach. Do you know your vegetables?

16. Complaining that the 6-inch isn't 1/2 the price of the foot long

"If the foot long Tuna is $7.00 then the six-inch should be $3.50, not $4.70." I'm really glad you can do math, but that's not how things work.

17. Asking if you can make a chopped salad

Theoretically, yes. Can I mentally get through it with out mumbling to myself? Probably not.

18. Asking to get your cookie warmed up

Everyone loves a good, warm cookie. Although, is it worth asking someone who's job title is "Sandwich Artist" not "Cookie warmer-upper?"

19. Asking for a handful of every vegetable

I should not have to put all my wrist effort into closing this sandwich. That's a sign it's went too far.

20. Asking for "the bread with the cheese"

Italian Herb and Cheese. So good you forget the name (apparently).

21. Senior discounts

This isn't a movie theater. I'll give you extra napkins, though.

22. Requesting sauces on the side

It's one thing if you want a sauce or two on the side to allow your sandwich to keep from getting soggy. When you ask for two or three different sauces, though, and want more than a side cup of each, that's enough.

23. Assuming you remember their order 

Despite there being a decent number of people's orders whom employees can remember, a lot of people just automatically assume because you've made their sandwich twice in the past month it is now engraved into your mind.

24. Having a simple order then remarking about it 

"Six-inch wheat, turkey, no cheese, not toasted, lettuce. I bet that's the easiest sandwich you've made today!" It may very well be, but the fact that I hear that same comment every time someone has a simple order, makes it repetitive and less enjoyable.

25. Assuming everything on the menu is healthy 

You just got a ham sandwich will cheese (so much sodium). Although, I'm sure choosing the lite-mayo instead of regular mayo is really making it worthwhile.

26. Asking for a B.M.T.  but with turkey not ham

That's called a Turkey Italiano.

27. Not knowing that white and Italian are the same bread

They are the only bread that is analogous, so it's not that hard to remember.

28. Asking how fresh something is

Fresh enough that we're allowing you to consume it.

29. Ordering a $5 foot long

That's not a thing anymore. It's no longer 2008.

30. Acting personally attacked when we ask "toasted?"

"No of course I don't want my tuna toasted! Why would you ask me that?" Sorry, it's a mandated question.

If you want to get under a Subway employee's skin, here are the prime ways to do so.