Dear fellow spring break workers,

So, you traded in the sandy shores for a bigger paycheck. I get it. I honestly, much rather have a little extra money in the bank than spend a week being surrounded by belligerently-drunk spring breakers. But I also understand wanting to go on a trip with your friends for a little getaway and fun.

But, for whatever reason, you have made the responsible decision to stay home and work during Spring Break. This probably was not the easiest decision. I am sure you have noticed your friends planning and constantly talking about their upcoming, week-long, basic beach trip, and you have had to just sit by idly listening in.

I know this sucks, especially if you are all about that ~greek life~, but you will survive, even though at times it might feel like you are going to die of FOMO. But in reality, you are probably not going to miss as much as you think, just a week of day drinking in the sand (heart breaks). A word of advice though: stay off social media (or just get on it a little less). Constantly seeing all the beach pics and other shenanigans will probably just make your work shift suck much more.

But this choice of missing out can also be a blessing in disguise for many reasons.

First off, since you probably will not be drinking your weight in alcohol, you will also not be killing your organs and drinking a shit ton of empty calories.

Second, if you're anything like me (which I hope for your sake you're not) you feel slightly self-conscious in a swimsuit, especially when surrounded by a sea of perfectly-sculptured srat girls, but since you are at work and not the beach there are no worries if you are not what you consider "bikini ready."

Third, and most importantly, while everyone is baking out in the sun, you will be making bank, which will make skipping out on the beach well worth it.

So, if you find yourself stuck at work this spring break, it may suck, but you will survive.