From the time I could understand what college was, I knew I didn't want to go anywhere close to home. I was a firm believer in the idea that I needed to spread my wings and fly the nest, experiencing the ultimate freedom away from everything I'd known.

Unfortunately, this mindset lasted for exactly one month before I realized I had made a mistake.

It didn't make any sense; I had made wonderful friends, I was doing well in all my classes, and I was absolutely in love with the gorgeous campus that was eight hours away from my hometown. Nevertheless, I had this terrible feeling that I just couldn't shake.

I missed home. I missed my friends, my family, my dog, my boyfriend. I missed hugs from my mom, long talks with my dad, I even missed my three younger siblings.

I had been so confident that moving so far from home had been such a good choice, but once the gleam and shine of the first weeks of college wore off, I realized that I wasn't happy at all.

During a weekly phone call home, my mom asked me how school was going and I broke down. I told her all the things that I missed, and that I felt lost and unsure. She then said something that had never crossed my mind before.

"Well, do you want to transfer to somewhere closer to home?"

As soon as I heard those words, it felt like I had hope for the first time in a long time. Without thinking I told her that I did want to transfer to somewhere closer to home, but I wanted to finish out the year first. Simply admitting that I wanted to transfer gave me a sense of direction I had been looking for.

The rest of the year was filled with some of the best moments of my entire life, but it was also filled with homesickness and depression. I can honestly say that I'm glad I decided to stay for the year, but it certainly wasn't easy.

There were definitely days when the only thing keeping me going was knowing I would be closer to home in just a few short months.

We've come to that point in the year again. One year ago, this is when I decided to start the application process to a school much closer to my home. Though I miss my friends from freshman year terribly, I don't regret my decision at all.

I know we are just one month into the school year, but I already feel more grounded, more confident, and much happier.

The feelings I had aren't unique, and I know that thousands of students transfer schools every year. If you're feeling like you've made a mistake, you're just not quite fitting in, or you just miss your mom more than expected, don't worry.

Be brave, think about it for a little bit, and maybe call your mom to hear her advice.