The Struggles Of Packing For Study Abroad When You're An Over-Packer

The Struggles Of Packing For Study Abroad When You're An Over-Packer

If you haven't worn it since 2014, you don't need it.

If you’re anything like me, you know the struggle of over packing. I mean, a weekend trip can even mean packing like you’re going away for a couple of weeks, instead of just a couple of nights. This can become especially inconvenient if you’re going somewhere for a couple of months, like if you’re doing a study abroad program for a whole semester. Here are something's that you should keep in mind while you’re packing, God knows that 50-pound limit at the airport is nonnegotiable.

No, You Don’t Need That Shirt

Odds are you’re going to a place that will have the same stress you shop at while you’re at home, so no, you don’t need that one top you bought three summers ago with your BFF. Let’s face it you haven’t worn it since you got to college.

Pack A Swimsuit

But didn’t you just say to leave the unnecessary stuff behind?? Yes, this might be a bit weird, but the best piece of advice that I’ve gotten about packing is: always bring a swimsuit. You’ll always be able to replace a pair of jeans that you forgot or your toothbrush, but a good swimsuit might be hard, and expensive to find! So, don’t forget to pack one.


Okay, sure would your apartment feel homier with all of the little knick-knacks from home? Sure, but you’re just going to have to leave the majority of it behind. I’m not saying that I tried this but picture frames don’t travel well…

But, I’ll Totally Wear These Shoes!

Bringing it back to my first point and saying this again, no you won’t. You’ll probably want to buy new things when you get to your destination so leave your nasty Vans at home. Besides, you don’t want them stinking up your suitcase.

So, no matter where you’re going these tips will probably come in handy if you’re guilty of over-packing, or just not really sure what to bring.

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