I love taking naps but I always find it difficult. Some people plan their entire day around when they are going to take a nap. I know people that can nap for hours and multiple times throughout the day. For people like me that struggle to take a nap, it's just unfair to see everyone else being so successful. I go through daily struggles when trying to nap and I bet I am not the only one.

1. Your roommate needs the light on.

You and your roommate are both in the room. She is doing her homework but all you want to do is take a nap. You can't turn off the lights because you know she needs it on to do her work. You either have to convince your roommate to turn them off, convince her to go somewhere else or you have to deal with the lights being on. No matter what you do, it's a struggle.

2. Your phone keeps going off.

The rest of the world is awake and doing things. If you are in 20 thousand group chats like I am, your phone is always blowing up especially when you are trying to sleep. Your friends are talking about what they are doing that night or asking if anyone wants to get lunch or just letting you know that they miss you. Regardless of the conversation, you are trying to sleep but your friends will not shut up. The easy fix would be to turn your phone on silent or turn it off completely. Nevertheless, it is still a serious struggle.

3. Your alarm goes off before you actually fall asleep.

Its 2:00, you know you have class in an hour so you say to yourself "Okay, I am going to take a thirty minute nap." So you set your alarm for 2:30 and you try to go to sleep. It takes you so long to fall asleep that your alarm goes off before you even get to nap! Especially when you're trying to take a power nap that is only ten or fifteen minutes. A little bit of me dies inside when this happens and it occurs more often than not.

4. There are too many distractions.

Living in a college dorm there is always something going on around you. Whether it's the construction outside, people being loud in the hallway, cars honking, sirens are going off- there is always a distraction when I am trying to sleep. My dorm just so happens to be right next to the fire and police station and there just so happens to be a need for a fire truck or police car every five seconds. My whole floor is really close with each other so people are always in the hallway talking. I bet you can guess how annoying it gets when you are trying to sleep and all you hear are the sirens or the cars or your floormates outside your door. Yes you are correct, it is extremely annoying.

5. You simply can't fall asleep.

How many times have you been so tired, yet you can't fall asleep? It happens to me literally every time. No matter how tired I am or how much I want to take a nap, I promise you, I will not be able to fall asleep. I face this struggle basically everyday. I go into my room and I get all comfy in my bed and snuggle with my blanket but I simply can not fall asleep. All I can do is ask, why?

The struggle to take a nap these days is too real. Especially when you're in college. You're tired all the time but you always have class, homework or something to study for which prohibits you from taking that much needed nap. On the off chance that I do get to take a nap, I am so grateful.