9 Things We Extroverted Introverts Want You To Know

9 Things We Extroverted Introverts Want You To Know

It really is like we are Hannah Montana, living the best of both worlds.


For those of you who may not know, an extroverted introvert is someone who may have the social skills of an extrovert, but have the mentality of an introvert. Being an extroverted introvert myself, I can say that this social lifestyle can be the best of both worlds. One moment we could be out in the social world, chatting it up with friends or dancing like a fool at a party, and then the next moment we're curled up in bed, ignoring the world around us at all costs.

With being a shy yet outgoing person, there are some things we extroverted introverts would love for the rest of the world to know so you can understand how our weird, social, and shy brains function.

1. After hours, or even days, of being around people, we NEED our alone time.

I honestly catch myself relating to Squidward during some social outings. But in all seriousness, this might be the most important thing to know about us extroverted introverts. We're not trying to be rude when we don't answer your texts after a night out, we just need some time to chill out! Our social batteries can be drained quick. After long hours of being around people, we need time for some R&R. A dream day for the day after a big social event may include sleeping, watching Netflix, and maybe going on an errands run alone. That's a huge maybe, though.

2. We can be social if we have to, but that doesn’t mean we want to.

There are some days where we have to attend social events like parties, brunches, or meetings. On the outside, we may seem cheerful and willing to talk to anyone there, but trust me. We can be faking it to the max. It's not that we are don't care about what is being said, we just aren't in the mood to be around people.

3. Just because we are at a party or in a huge crowd does not mean our “extrovert” switch will come on.

Don't get me wrong, we love a party scene from time to time, but other times we just like to sit back and watch what is happening around us. People watching? YES. PLEASE. We are not angry in these moments, we just don't feel like talking. Of course there will be times when we can be the life of the party, but then there are times we want to be the bystanders, especially around a new group of people!

4. Sometimes our introverted side gets the best of us

Personally, this happens quite often. When we have a few days of alone time, we can get anxious about returning to the social world. We've enjoyed this time alone for so long that we just want to stay away from people for weeks. It takes us some time to warm back up to the social life, but once we get there, we are right back to normal! (Also, P!nk is totally me returning to the social world after spending days in social isolation.)

5. We prefer hanging out one-on-one rather than in a large group.

Hanging out in a large group can be highly exhausting for us, especially if it's with new people or people we don't normally hang out with. When we hang out one-on-one, we feel like we can chill out more. Because of this, it feels like we have such a large diversity of friends. We have friends who we can do nothing with, friends who we can party with, and friends who we can just hang out with. Then there are those special friends who can do all three!

6. When we want alone time, we mean 100% isolation from everything and everyone.

We aren't ignoring your text messages or phone calls, we just can't handle any more contact with the outside world. Sometimes even texting seems like a lot of talking on a day to day basis, so please don't hate us if we don't respond right away. We all need our Netflix and snacking days.

7. We hate being the center of attention.

Some people tend to assume that because we show a fun, outgoing side, means we love the attention that comes along with it. That is far from the truth. Half of the time, we prefer to hang out in the background and not be recognized. If we do get recognized, we can act like we don't mind, but on the inside, we are panicking.

8. We love making others happy, and that can be frustrating at times.

This may be the worst one for me. We say we don't mind attending social events for our families and friends, but we really want to be by ourselves in our rooms. We exhaust ourselves and eventually crash and go back into social isolation.

9. No matter how many struggles we face, we wouldn't want to live any other way.

No matter how all over the place our social skills may be on a day-to-day basis, we wouldn't trade this lifestyle at all! It really is like we are Hannah Montana and living the best of both worlds.

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Personal Space Is More Important Than Socializing

Stop pretending you don't need a break from your friends (and life).


Firstly, I would like to say that FOMO is a very real thing.

For those born in the prehistoric era, that means 'fear of missing out'. It's something that definitely came with the age of technology, and the tendency for everyone to post the best aspects of their social lives in an attempt to prove they have one (don't stress, I'm the biggest culprit). It's also something that's potentially destroying our ability to prioritize our need for time alone.

I feel like we're all in a competition to be the most social person in our social media bubbles. I'm sure you can agree there's that pressure lurking every time you do something fun to whip out your phone and make sure you take a snap of it, to prove you actually did something with your day other than binge watch David Dobrik vlogs.

Even when the aspect of social media is removed, FOMO still hangs around. Sometimes I just don't want to go out. I don't want to get out of bed, to get dressed, brush my hair. Sometimes I simply don't want to socialize — small talk is exhausting! But yet, I get that feeling like I really should go out and see people, like I'm not spending my time wisely unless I'm soaking up every chance I get to hang out with friends. It's almost as if everyone thinks your life isn't of value if it isn't spent being around others, and I do agree with this — to an extent.

Before leaving for Alabama, the number one piece of advice I heard over and over was, "say yes to everything!" I was then usually told to make friends with as many people as I could, maybe even say hi to strangers once in a while! Anyone who had been on exchange previously recommended that I immerse myself in every experience that presented itself to me. After all, their favorite memories involved making new, unexpected friends.

I still strongly stand by this idea — I wouldn't have had half the experiences I've had so far if it weren't for this Yes Man mentality. However, I am now past halfway, and all I can say is I'm absolutely knackered. I'm all socialized-out! After being in the company of at least one other person every… single… minute… (I have a roommate) for the last 11 weeks, I can confidently say I've had enough. If I carry on this way, forcing myself to attend any and all outings, I quite possibly could implode… or at least want to crawl under a rock and never talk to anyone again (nearly at this stage already).

One thing I didn't realize until recently is just how much downtime I have to myself at home. Sure, I work or go to Uni most days, and I see my friends as much as possible. I also have my scheduled 6 p.m. family dinner followed by one-hour gossip session with mum each night. But at the end of each day, I would snuggle up in my big queen bed that I had all to myself (I'm single, thanks for reminding me) and finally feel relaxed. That was my designated time to myself that I could look forward to each day. Some nights I just put music on and lay down for hours doing absolutely nothing. That was the point though, I didn't have to do anything, and I didn't have anyone else to worry about.

Now, I might be lucky to get 10 minutes alone each day while I take a shower. Even then, my roommate occasionally drops in to go to the bathroom, and the thin shower curtain is the only thing standing between myself and a mental breakdown. Sometimes I want to hide behind that curtain all day. My happy place is now the small square corner of my bathroom, how sad is that?

I think the notion of spending time alone is severely underrated. Why have we created an idea that it's not OK to want to be alone every now and then? Why do we have to constantly be pushing ourselves to reach out to others and put ourselves out there? I absolutely love meeting new people and making new friends! But you know what else I love? Sitting on the couch with a hot Milo, binge-watching David Dobrik vlogs. So sue me! I think finding time to think about yourself only is just as essential for mental stability as surrounding yourself with friends and family.

After this experience, I know I will never feel ashamed to admit that I am going to miss out on doing something with my friends in order to be alone. It's literally the only thing that keeps me sane! (Can you tell I'm already going a little insane?)

I can now finally understand why mum used to be so happy when the school holidays were over. It's not that she didn't love us, she just valued her personal space! What a smart little lady!

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