Strong Women in History You Should Know
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Strong Women in History You Should Know

a modest sampling of a few

Strong Women in History You Should Know

There are many magnificent stories of women in history who made great leaders and made a footprint in the pages of history. Many times people assume women just sat in the background while men did most of the action- alas my dear reader, this is completely far from the truth of history!

I hope this little article shall open your curiosity to a few interesting women in history from different parts of the world in hopes that their stories will inspire you to dream and read more about them

Abigail Adams

One of my favorites since I was a child! She refused to be silent, and when she was silent it was a silence which conveyed a resolute spirit. While her husband John fought in the congress for independence, Abigail gave him advice and criticism. She managed several patriot circles and activities around Boston. As a first lady she provided the nation with great leadership. She had a level head and rational mind, and her love letters to John were adorable.

Emilia Plater

A Polish noblewoman who refused the marriage proposal of a Russian sympathizer. She led an army of Polish people in an attempt to liberate Poland from the Russians, and she even sassed a leading Polish general about being a coward. She was great- look her up!

Manuela Saenz

an Ecuadorian woman during their fight for independence. She ran a spy ring for Antonio Jose de Sucre and Simon Bolivar. Speaking about Bolivar she saved his life-- twice! No spoilers though! She was well-read on the patriot cause and had a mind full of passion and was never afraid to speak up for her convictions.

Queen Nzinga

Did you know a queen from Angola once sat on a servant? In order to prove a point against the racism of a Portuguese king she did!

Deborah Sampson

My reader have you read Mulan? Did you know the American colonies had their own? Meet Deborah Sampson who disguised as a guy and fought for our independence.

Sibyl Ludington

"The British are coming!" meet the teenage girl who warned people the British were coming during the American Revolution. In fact she had a marvelous Liberty's Kids episode about her.

Phyllis Wheatly 

A freed slave who also wrote beautiful poetry that captivated hearts and minds from around the world in the 1770s. My friend don't just read about her life- read her poems as well!

oh I could add so many more names to this list- Harriet Tubman who after escaping slavery went back into slave territory to free more people. Eleanor Roosevelt who helped to assemble the nations of the world for human rights, Susan B. Anthony who helped fight for the right to vote. There are countless examples of strong heroines who spoke when it was unpopular, and raised their voices for their beliefs.

In every nation throughout history and every period women participated on the stage as not just support but as lead characters pushing against injustices of the day.

Do you have some interesting heroine stories to share?

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