As a child, one has the freedom to genuinely care free. You can trust that your parents will provide for you, and responsibilities are never placed on your shoulders.

Little by little, we find ourselves gaining more freedom to make our own decisions, yet less freedom in the sense that there is far more expected of us.

Paying rent, making good grades, performing well, cleaning the house, working hard, providing, and caring — all of these are expected more and more as you age.

In a sense, one’s character is strengthened by serving others and removing yourself from the center of your life.

However, it has become clear to me that the stress of balancing and completing these responsibilities robs you of an overall quality of life.

If someone is able to balance adult life without stress, then damn, props to you. However, from what I’ve seen, the psychological effects of stress drain the spirit and ability to enjoy what is in front of us.

Is there a solution? If you denounce these responsibilities, you will most definitely fail to provide for your family or be financially stable. On the other hand, if we let stress take us over, we lose sight of what really matters.

Balance is key. But even more so, it is important to catch yourself and notice when you are stressing to an extent that is detrimental to yourself and those around you. By having a proactive awareness like this, we are able to control our stress rather than allow it to control us.

In the end, with freedom and luxuries, does come responsibility.

As adults we may not experience the carefree lifestyle we once did, however, we have the power to allow ourselves the grace to relax and enjoy amongst our responsibilities.