10 Ways to Relieve First Semester Stress
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10 Ways To Relax At The Beginning Of The Semester

School is hard but that doesn't mean that you need to stress.

10 Ways To Relax At The Beginning Of The Semester

The beginning of a new semester can be really difficult, especially if it is your first semester away at college. Check out these ideas to help you try and relax a bit. School is hard enough and stressing about it doesn't help the situation, so grab some coffee and a face mask and start relaxing.

Paint Your Nails

Make them whatever color and spend time focusing on the paint job. Focusing might help you forget about the stress of the new year. Add a holographic topcoat or glitter for a little extra something, you won't regret it.

Make Some Art

Paint a picture, get a coloring book, doodle, whatever.

Making some art can help lower your stress by focusing on something different and making you think in a different way. Bob Ross episodes on Netflix are always a winner.

Grab Some Coffee With a Friend

Nothing is more soothing than a coffee shop with a good atmosphere and some good friends. Grab a cup of tea or coffee or even a smoothie and just breathe in the soothing atmosphere.

Have A Spa Night

As cliche as it is, pampering yourself is a great stress reliever. Throw on a face mask, take a long shower and just relax with some soothing music or a movie. Even ask your roommates to join in and you can make a whole night of it!

Pet Some Animals

Go volunteer at an animal shelter (for an added good feeling) or just pop in and pet them.

The animals will love to be out and about and you'll get the benefits of their love. Or you could find some animals on campus and ask their owners if you could pet them.

Go to the Gym

It may be a drag to go there but exercise is proven to be a stress reliever... just do it!

Watch An Old Favorite Show

Friends, The Office, B99, Gilmore Girls. Old shows are the best and are a good way to zone out for a bit and just live in the moment.

Read a Book

Whether it is an oldie or a new book you've been dying to read, it can help calm you down by focusing on the story and characters.

Clean Your Room

This may be the last thing that you want to do but a messy room may be causing you more stress than it needs to.

Take a day or even a few hours and do that laundry you've been meaning to do, fold it ASAP, and organize your desk. It will make your life feel that much better when it's over.

Take a Walk

Throw in some earbuds and just walk around campus (preferably when classes are over). It will be a good way to get accustomed to your new school, and it is a familiar place with a good view.

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