To Every Girl "YETI Butting," Please Stop
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To Every Girl "YETI Butting," Please Stop

Yeah, it's not cute, Sally.

To Every Girl "YETI Butting," Please Stop

Summer is hot and the beach/pool is the perfect way to cool down and relax. However, it is what we females are doing at the beach that is concerning.

About a month ago I went to the beach with my dog, as soon as we got on the beach we set up and went for the water. He didn't like it too much so I decided to sit with him and read a book while tanning. Not even 10-minutes later I look over and see this girl sitting on her YETI cooler.

I really didn't think anything of it until I was her friend lying on the ground behind her trying to get the perfect "butt" shot. After about 12 pictures her just her butt on the cooler, her friend proceeded to take the edge of the swimsuit and physically put it in her friends crack. Now I know, what a friend right? To actually touch crack is a pretty BFF thing to do, but I personally was disgusted. There were four people there and they didn't take one picture with each other... just of their butt.

The term for this is called "YETI Butting" and it is a huge trend on Instagram.

I would insert a few photos but honestly... my mom reads this and I don't want to subject her to this kind of thing. But here is a link that you can follow if you're really interested. #yetibutts

I don't understand when this trend started. We get it, you have a YETI, your swimsuit is 2 sizes too small (some girls in only thongs or completely nude), and you have some serious friends who don't mind taking soft-core porn of their friends. Which is exactly what this is... PORN. And then you wonder why the only messages you're getting talk about certain body parts instead of your intelligence or your personality.

Your body is the one thing you can control; you can control who sees it, when they see it, how it's presented, and how it looks.

So why is it that so many young women are posting half-naked (or fully-naked) photographs and wonder why it is that these guys just want to know if they're, "DTF"? (I don't even know if that's what the kids are saying these days, but that's a phrase we all know and can understand where I'm going with this.)

So please, ladies, start respecting yourself. And to YETI, you should really be ashamed of letting women think it's okay to subject themselves to this kind of world and those kinds of people.

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